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'Money Heist' season 4 finally hit Netflix and we are desperate for season 5. Here are 2020 crimes that could lead to inspiration for season 5.

What could inspire ‘Money Heist’ season 5? Maybe these 2020 crimes

Not long ago, Money Heist season four finally hit Netflix. Are you one of those rabid fans who have already bingewatched the entire show and are hungry for season five? If you are, we’re sorry you’re going to have to wait so long to satiate that hunger for quality crime drama TV. We feel your pain. 

In the meantime why don’t you look at some real life money heists that have taken place? After all, some of the greatest inspiration arises from true to life stories. Maybe the creators of Money Heist will draw some inspiration from these crimes. You’d be surprised how many robberies have already taken place in 2020.

75 cars in one night

It’s common for petty crime and theft to increase while large scale protests happen, because people know the police are more than a little distracted. However, places all over the country have begun reporting that large scale organized crime has started to skyrocket.

An example of this took place in Oakland, California. In one night a Dodge dealership saw a loss of nearly seventy-five vehicles including their expensive muscle car models – the Challenger Hellcat. Thieves sped off in the cars, and some were even driven straight through the windows of the indoor showroom in order to drive away.

This was clearly not a spur of the moment theft, but was most definitely a strategic & carefully orchestrated heist. An expert on this type of crime said he’d never seen anything like it. We can’t help but wonder how many people were involved in this real-life incarnation of Grand Theft Auto.

A string of gold heists

We know this is an article about thieves who could inspire Money Heist, but it was impossible to ignore the two robbers from India who sound as if they were inspired by the show. Two robbers were recently arrested after a string of gold heists. One (who is referred to as the mastermind) is suspected of having taken part in up to thirty thefts, and the other eleven.

When the cops raided their hideout 8.45 kilograms of gold were found (approximately 18.6 pounds), which is worth about $521,052.96 USD. Illegal weapons and cash were also found in the hideout. Previously other suspects involved were arrested and nine kilograms of gold were recovered at that time.

Teen heist: Digital edition

This legitimately sounds like the plot to a movie, and at the very least would be a perfect back story for our beloved Money Heist character & hacker, Rio. Earlier this year a teenage boy (fifteen years old to be exact) was arrested for a string of digital heists.

The boy, named Ellis Pinksy, was apparently the mastermind behind an international ring of digital thieves. It started with selling lucrative usernames. A lot of people don’t mind throwing a couple digits at the end of a username, but a lot of other people do. And short clean usernames that are a single word can actually be sold for a nice chunk of change. Being an avid gamer and user of the internet, Pinksy knew this.

So Pinksy and his gang would essentially clone people’s phones, but the specific way they did it – called sim-swapping – meant whoever they targeted no longer had a working phone & lost access to related accounts.

It didn’t take long for Pinksy to realize he had access to a lot of other information and money when doing this. Soon cryptocurrency wallets were the main goal for him and his gang – often people have apps on their phone which hold their bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Dude should have set up a Bitcoin casino.

Pinksy is suspected of having stolen over $100 million, but the heist that got him caught was impressive on its own – he had stolen $23.8 million from a single person. Pinksy had even laundered the money within 48 hours. However, he had a tendency to brag about his money and how he masterminded the heists, which ultimately made people suspicious. Whoops.

In disguise

Most heists are imagined to take place in the cloak of night, however two men in New York decided to try and pull one off in broad daylight. The two men dressed as NYPD cops and entered a jewelry store. Once inside they asked the owner to see the firearm he was permitted to keep on the premises.

The men explained that with all the looting happening firearms were likely to be stolen. The store owner complied, believing the men who had identified themselves as cops. The two men proceeded to tie up the store owner and steal not only the weapon, but approximately $150,000 worth of inventory.

The heist had gone off without a hitch, but the two men were soon apprehended in a subway station not far from where the crime had taken place. Maybe they should have taken the man’s cell phone too.

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