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Is our favorite BL drama couple finally getting their happily ever after in the season finale? Get the scoop on the latest season of Tharntype here.

‘Tharntype 2’: Will our fave couple finally find a happily ever after?

TharnType: The Series was a 2019 BL smash hit! Starring Mew Suppasit as Tharn & Gulf Kanawut as Type, these boys definitely put Thai BL on the map in 2019. Although initially criticized for its outright homophobia and violent aggression, the show took a turn after a few episodes to address those issues head-on. 

The show’s popularity has been duly attributed to the offscreen chemistry that Suppasit & Kanawut so clearly enjoy, as well as the shining character development of Than & Type in the show. Viewers felt their relationship development was relatable, and in the end, their love won absolutely everyone over. 

While it does occur occasionally, second seasons of BL series are rare. Largely attributed to budget issues, most BL productions end up being single stand alone seasons. When TharnType: The Series came to an end, its extreme popularity attracted the attention of an investor and a second season was announced. 

Production on Tharn Type 2:7 Years of Love was initially halted by the onset of COVID-19. It eventually hit screens in November 2020 and is just coming to a wrap now. Will our beloved Tharn (Mew Suppasit) & Type (Gulf Kanawut) get the happy ending we’re all desperately hoping for, or will Tharn Type 2:7 Years of Love fall prey to the second season Thai BL curse? The short answer is both. Here’s everything we know. 

Plot overview

Like the name suggests, Tharn Type 2: 7 Years of Love picks up seven years after the conclusion of TharnType: The Series. Both boys have graduated from university and are working within their professional domains. Tharn & Type share an apartment together in Bangkok, despite not being completely ‘out’ in all aspects of their lives. 

While all the crowd favorites from TharnType: The Series appear in the show, new characters emerge as well. Enter Fiat (First Chalongrat Novsamrong), a college kid who comes to Type’s hospital for physical therapy. Fiat makes a play for Type and well, things go downhill from there. 

Already having disagreements over whether or not the couple should get married (Type says no, Tharn says yes), Tharn has an explosive reaction to learning about Fiat. Although Type didn’t technically do anything wrong, the couple end up spending some time apart. Eventually though, Tharn & Type work through this, as well as their other issues, and a wedding proposal does ensue. 


Despite the hype and the wild anticipation surrounding the release of Tharn Type 2:7 Years of Love, many folks have expressed sheer disappointment with the outcome. Many fans dropped off after watching just several episodes and opted to not continue with the fandom. 

Many fans cited issues with the script. Some folk on Twitter criticized the writers, arguing that the dialogue was cheesy, cringeworthy, and sub-par compared to the first season. Many expressed disappointment with the new director and claimed that many scenes were pointless, and there just to fill time. 

The same sentiments were expressed about a variety of the new character additions, including Dr. Khunpol (Jame Phat Prayunviwat), who stepped in to play Champ’s (Boat Napat Srinakluan) love interest. It was also entirely unclear why the characters that lived in the same building as Tharn & Type were even included. Their narrative purpose was lacking. 

Then, finally, some fans expressed disappointment over the fact that Type has regressed back to his antagonistic attitude towards Tharn. The first season spent quite a lot of time working on Type’s character development in this area, so to see this resurface immediately at the onset of season two caused some to simply walk away. 

These fans, the ones that walked away, claim that Tharn Type 2:7 Year of Love definitely fell victim to the second season Thai BL curse.


With the script a mess, the plot a mess, and the disastrous characters that were introduced, does Tharn Type 2: 7 Years of Love have any redeeming qualities at all? Fans say yes! Despite all its downfalls, Mew Suppasit & Gulf Kanawut have been highly praised for doing the absolute best they could with what they were given. 

Despite the criticisms made about their characters, their performances as Tharn & Type remain highly regarded, and their reputations remain intact. Just as he did in season one, Suppasit destroyed viewers with his raw emotion as his pain over the conflicts with his lover spilled onto screens. 

Despite the fact that Type was back to endlessly frustrating viewers with his behavior, the fact that Kanawut’s delivery of Type pushed so many viewers to the edge demonstrates his power as an actor. Mew Suppasit & Gulf Kanawut clearly remain the saving grace of Tharn Type 2: 7 Years of Love

The Wedding

Yes, folks, there IS a wedding! Although not included in the regular episodes of the second season, there is a special episode planned that will be completely dedicated to the wedding. Tharn & Type will get married, and fans will get their happy ending. 

However, there is some controversy around this episode already. Scheduled to air on February 13, 2021, not everyone will have access to this coveted episode. Only those that are willing to pay to stream it will be able to watch it. This fact has angered the fans that stuck around for the duration of the second season. 

Deemed the most highly anticipated of the entire show, fans argue that this particular episode should be available to everyone, not just those privileged enough to be in a position to pay for it. 

Will you hand over your money to this production to catch a glimpse of the happy couple tie the knot? Drop us a comment and let us know!

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  • Could you please tell me how to stream it ? I really want to know Tharn and Type getting married. Because I though it would be in the last EPs of season 2. Omg

    July 8, 2021

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