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Wondering what your options are for streaming services in New Zealand? It turns out there are quite a few platforms to pick from.

Treat for Kiwis: Streaming services galore in New Zealand

Gone are the days when Kiwi viewers had to rely on Sky for their entertainment needs. At present, there are different streaming services available in NZ famous for producing their own high-quality content. Besides, these streaming services have shaken up the entertainment landscape a great deal by offering affordable pricing packages alongside other enticing features.

Continue reading this post to discover how growing competition between streaming services in New Zealand has become a blessing in disguise for kiwis specifically. 

New Zealand’s Netflix and Amazon Prime Video witnessed massive growth in the fanbase

It would not be wrong to say that New Zealand is a country where streaming junkies reside in huge numbers. When the COVID-19 crisis did not get hold in New Zealand, services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were already experiencing massive growth in terms of viewership.

Netflix has turned out to be a household name within the kiwi territory as 2.42 million New Zealanders have subscribed to the most-watched service. Similarly, Sky TV, including Neon has captured a large audience that consists of 1.70 million subscribers. 

Besides, Amazon Prime Video improved its subscription base by up to 322,000 by the end of the year 2019. Surprisingly, Apple TV Plus also entered the market during the last quarter of 2019 and succeeded in attracting 377,000 subscribers within the space of two months.       

The above stats indicate that viewers in New Zealand have multiple options when watching their favorite movies and TV shows online. There is a fierce competition prevailing among these streaming platforms, a healthy sign from users’ point of view. 

Overall, the quality of media content available in these services has improved to a lot, thanks to the growing competition. Thus, viewers are enjoying some of the best original content they have never watched before. 

These services are supposed to add new features in their arsenals regularly to keep their existing and potential customers engaged and interested. In a nutshell, the whole scenario has forced all content providers to perform above their potential, resulting in the complete eradication of any particular streaming company’s monopoly whatsoever.

Understanding your streaming options

The good thing about all these online services is their compatibility with different platforms and devices. It means you do not have to be at home to catch up with the latest TV shows and movies. You have the liberty to stream your desired media content on your mobile devices and office laptops.

Furthermore, you can watch shows on your smartphones while on the go. Likewise, when you reach your home, you can continue what you were streaming on your Smart TV without spoiling your fun. 

If we talk about the other benefits you get while using these services, there are more significant content libraries, cheap pricing, and simultaneous connections. For example, you can choose Neon for streaming Westworld, Gangs of London, Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale, Breaking Bad, and other record-breaking series on your screens.

As far as other video-on-demand services go, you can access Disney + to stream famous shows like The Mandalorian, Agents of Shield, Star Wars, and others. Interestingly, Netflix allows you to watch numerous original movies on your desired devices like Lost Girls, The Old Guard, Da 5 Bloods, Extraction, etc.

In terms of pricing, Neon offers its monthly pricing plan at a reasonable cost of $13.95 per month. The said plan includes an exclusive 14-day free trial feature that is enough to thoroughly explore its hidden perks. Apart from this, you can use its impressive simultaneous streams to watch shows or movies on two (2) screens.   

If you are willing to try out Netflix in New Zealand, you will have to pay $11.99 per month to subscribe to its monthly pricing package. However, you cannot avail a free trial and multi-logins feature too. You will have to use its standard plan to access content on two (2) different devices simultaneously. 

But the cost of Disney Plus in New Zealand is the cheapest compared to Neon and Netflix. You have to pay $9.99 per month only to watch your favorite content on four (4) screens at once. Luckily, you can experience a handy 7-day free trial feature to take your streaming fun next level.

What are the other options for streaming? 

New Zealand streaming fans can use different ways to watch content over the web. Moreover, they can save their precious mobile data packages by using an offline viewing feature. Here is the list that includes some interesting streaming options.

Catch-up services

Different free-to-air channels in New Zealand provide online streaming services that do not cost you a cent called catch-up services. You can consider these services in the shape of ThreeNow and TVNZ On Demand that support an array of devices, including tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and many more.

Digital movie store

Different companies have established their own online streaming stores from where you can buy or rent content, be it movies, shows, documentaries, music, and more. These are Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, PlayStation Store, and others.

Wrapping Up

After the entrance of Netflix in New Zealand’s streaming market, the television-viewing landscape has changed big time. You should not bother yourself about annoying commercial breaks, inconvenient program titles, and slow-drip series releases anymore. 

The availability of several streaming services has given kiwis a lot more freedom and control over what to watch and when to watch.

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