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We can’t say it enough – 'Sanditon' needs a season 2. Here are all the reasons why fans will keep fighting for 'Sanditon'.

‘Sanditon’ season 2: All the reasons why the fandom wants to see it

Fandoms are what keep shows alive. Sanditon’s fandom is as ferocious as can be and they’re not willing to back down until Sanditon gets the season 2 that it deserves. We were all devastated when season 1 ended on a cliff-hanger. 

When PBS shared that there were no plans for a second season, fans were crushed. Luckily, the fandom is striking back – our latest pleas for Sanditon’s return are directed towards Amazon Prime UK. While there’s no guarantee that they’ll give Sanditon a second chance, Amazon has renewed our hopes – telling us that they’re “doing what they can.” 

In order to really show Amazon what we’re after we need to keep our spirits up and keep pushing to save Sanditon. We can’t iterate it enough – Sanditon needs a season 2. Here are all of the reasons why fans will keep fighting for Sanditon.  

Unfinished story

As many fans know, Sanditon is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name. After writing for seven weeks with something like twenty-three thousand words Austen lifted her pen from the page and ceased to complete one of her last novels ever. Austen fell ill while writing and put her work aside – never to give Sanditon an ending.

Now that Sanditon got revived in this wonderful PBS series, it’d just be cruel to leave Austen fans with the same memory of Austen – an author too sick to continue. Austen’s endings were always clever & joyous. 

The author even said, “My characters shall have, after a little trouble, all that they desire.” But Sanditon’s ending was absolutely heartbreaking – there’s no way that this is not what she intended. Since Austen is one of the most celebrated authors of her time, it would be an honor to carry on her legacy – even if it’s not exactly what she intended.     

Unfinished relationships

Fans cling to Sanditon’s characters because they’re deeply passionate, complex, & diverse in personality. What makes these characters even more exciting is how they’re paired. We’re obsessed with how their relationships unfold – and we’re kept on our toes. 

Sanditon is filled with forbidden love, shy affections, and proposals of marriage. Each couple deserves fulfillment. Though we want them to be happy, of course, they at least need resolution. The central romance & favorited ship Sidlotte especially needs to reach an ending that makes sense – whether they live happily ever after or find happiness in some other way. 

 After Sidney denies Charlotte the proposal they both sought in order to marry his rich ex Eliza to solve his family’s crisis, we’re all left hanging. We need to see what happens between Sidney & Charlotte in season 2. Will they move on? What will Charlotte do when she’s back home? What will their fated reunion look like?  

While Sidlotte is definitely the most broken union that occupies our mind – there are other relationships that we want to see unfold. For example, will Sanditon explore Young Stringer’s love for Charlotte now that Sidney broke her heart? How will Edward Denham & Esther handle the trials of marriage? Will there be a future for Otis & Georgiana? These are all relationships that are unfinished – their stories yet to be told. 

Unfinished production

One of the elements of Sanditon that keeps fans obsessed with the series is the beautiful production value. The show is incredibly well-made. Not only do the producers have marvelous source content – from Jane Austen herself – they also have a beautiful setting with talented actors who light up the screen. 

A bustling seaside town with plenty of occasions to take long walks on the beach, the town Sanditon couldn’t be more perfect. The setting gives us an escape from our dismal reality – each scene gorgeously shot. It’d be a pity to waste such a well-built setting that captures our attention. 

Sanditon’s detailed costumes put us right in the time period and we desperately want to go back for a season 2. Not to mention – the talented cast wears everything wonderfully. The ensemble is chalked full of talent – and we can’t look away from them. (Especially Sidney because Theo James is irresistible.) 

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  • Thank you for your unwavering support! We will not stop making noise until we get another season & the completion of the story. We are all in limbo waiting for it. Sidlotte forever!!!!

    August 13, 2020
  • Love Sanditon!!!!!! We need it to come back :)

    August 13, 2020
    • Everything about Sanditon is beautiful! The scenery, cast, music, script is all beautiful. The only thing it needs is a proper ending.

      August 14, 2020
    • Cant believe they would even consider not doing another series. This story has to have an ending. Please please please

      August 17, 2020
    • As I respond I’m crying for Charlotte and Sidney’s departure 😭. They love one another. We must have season 2 Please…NJ.

      September 15, 2020
    • Jane Austin is rolling in her grave because she never would have allowed one of her stories to be told without an ending! Especially now with a pandemic, we all NEED and WANT a Sanditon Season 2! With all of the horrible shows on TV that do get a second season why not bring back a beautifully written well performed period piece that is unforgettable?

      October 12, 2020
  • Sanditon is the most beautiful series I’ve seen . The characters and their stories have captured the heart of fans all over the world! We are in desperate need of a season 2 and a HEA for all the characters!
    Thank you for the article.

    August 13, 2020
    • I hope it comes back. I bought season 1 and watch it all the time.

      September 5, 2020
  • Thank you for this article Ashley!!! You’ve hit the nail right on the head. The SanditonSisterhood a.k.a. the SanditonSquad will not take NO for an answer to the question of Sanditon Season 2. What are we doing about it?
    – tweeting all day every day
    – streaming Sanditon as much as humanly possible
    – participating in organized purposeful communication with Amazon Prime
    – telling everyone and anyone about Sanditon
    – chatting on Twitter with members of the Sanditon cast & crew, including writers, directors, executive producers and more!
    – we love Sanditon and it SHOWS!!!

    We are in this together and in it for the long haul (some have been at it for 1 year now)!

    August 13, 2020
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful article. I can talk all day about the reasons this show needs to be saved. It really is a spectacular show all around.

    #SanditonPBS #SaveSanditon #Sanditon

    August 13, 2020
  • This is the most exceptionally magical period drama that deserves an ending befitting Jane Austen. The best show I have ever watched.

    August 13, 2020
  • Sanditon is a lovely story that has been robbed of the opportunity to finish its narrative. Justice needs to be done.

    August 13, 2020
  • A great article that details all the reasons why we fight so fiercely for this amazing show! Thank you for the support

    August 13, 2020
  • It would be a crime not to continue and give this a amazing show a proper ending! And by proper I mean a Sidlotte HEA!

    August 13, 2020
  • Agree with all of this! Sanditon is so fantastic!

    August 13, 2020
  • So true. All of it. Thank you for a direct and well written article.

    August 13, 2020
    • Evet çok güzel bir dizi devamını istiyoruz

      August 14, 2020
  • Another wonderful article supporting our efforts to get #SanditonSeason2! Thank you Film Daily News for your continued support. We are not giving up! #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

    August 13, 2020
  • Oh my my!! We certainly need a 2nd season! Y…. It’s just getting started! All great actors and actresses! Can’t settle for less! We’ve got to get this show on the road!!

    August 14, 2020
  • Would love to see Season 2! I looked forward to each episode, and was sad to see it end.

    August 14, 2020
  • I couldn’t agree with you more about the characters and acting! I still am hoping that someone listens to us and revives it!

    August 14, 2020
  • Please give an ending to the best love story ever written or seen!! Yes,it was an Austin. Naturally an Austin! Let her have it back please and let it end happily! A big yes to a romantic Season Two!!

    August 14, 2020
  • Thank you so much for this article. As an English teacher and an Austen devotee, I am one of the many thousands who want to see a second season of this beautiful portrayal of Austen’s last book.

    August 14, 2020
  • I loved the show! I hope there’s a season 2.

    August 14, 2020
  • I’ve just watched it, had it’s my TiVo for ages. Loved it, it must have a season 2.

    August 14, 2020
  • Yes Sanditon was beautifully scripted,acted and heart breaking. Thank you for keeping this underrated series in the public’s eye. Rose Williams portrayal of Charlotte was the best acting I have seen in a long time and ANDREW Davies writing superb. Keep up the good fight to get Sanditon season 2!

    August 15, 2020
  • Absolutely lovvved Sanditon, its cast, its magic.

    Couldn’t believe a show of this calibre was stopped from continuing into another season.
    Please, allow it to continue production with the same cast, clever dialogue and writers for another full season at least. ( Top fan from New Zealand)

    August 15, 2020
  • I honestly thought at the end Sidney was going to say he couldn’t live without her and they’d live happily ever after. We need Sanditon2. I enjoyed every minute of it. Something to look forward to in these trying times.

    August 16, 2020
  • There must be a Season 2, how can it not. Season one left unfinished stories for several people, couples and couples to be!!!

    August 17, 2020
  • I was completely heartbroken by the end of Sanditon and have “had to” invent my own episode 9 to get some peace of mind and a happy ending for Charlotte and Sidney. We need a season 2! #Sanditon #SaveSanditon #SanditonPBS

    August 18, 2020
  • Just finished watching Sanditon for the second time and am absolutely devastated to hear that no second series is being filmed. How terribly sad that a production of this calibre should end this way. It’s unfair to the fans not to conclude a story when there is so much still to be said. All previous Austen novels have all had happy endings for the hero and heroine. It would be tragic if this series was left like this and unfair to its fans. Please save Sanditon.

    August 19, 2020
  • I love Sanditon, best series I have seen in a long times, please have a second series, I miss it

    August 19, 2020
  • Have just watched the Sanditon Season 1 – LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!! Please make Season 2

    August 20, 2020
    • We couldn’t agree more! Let’s try and save Sanditon together. Make sure to check out our other articles all about beloved Sanditon!

      September 8, 2020
  • Thank you for writing this!! We, the super fans of Sanditon NEED a resolution to this wonderful story! Season 2 is a must, we will just keep making noise till is happens :) #Sanditonseason2 #Sanditon #Savesanditon #sanditonpbs

    August 21, 2020
  • Enjoyed your recap of this delicious series (well, that’s the word that popped up)… yet, leaves me craving for more. We cannot be left hanging, wondering, waiting will Season 2 arrive? This was one quality series, in so many ways. The story line, and especially the viewers, deserves at least a tying-up-loose-ends finale. Thanks for your article.

    August 24, 2020
  • I know Amazon Prime would do this amazing Period Drama justice! It was devastating to hear ITV dropped this beautiful drama filled with love, hopes and dreams not to forget a wonderful cast. They didn’t give it a chance! Well the Sanditon Sisterhood will keep fighting for this show to give us an ending it truly deserves. 🙏🏾 Sanditon Series 2!!

    August 28, 2020
  • Takhle krasny serial bez konce nemuze byt prosim moc o 2 serii

    August 30, 2020
  • What about the fact that Georgianna has a fortune of $100,000 which would pay to restore the Burned part of the building. Sidney doesn’t have to Marry for money. There are others who could help especially now that Charlotte has Susan on her side.

    August 30, 2020
  • Please reconsider your ship name. Charlotte plus Syd-nay = Chardnay.

    September 4, 2020
  • Please make season 2, the waiting is killing me and armor of my friends!!!!!!!!

    September 9, 2020
  • When season 1 finished I almost immediately emailed the local PBS station to protest the ending which was unlike the other Austen stories. They always ended in a satisfying and joyful ending for their protagonists. I hope season 2 could remedy my disappointment.

    September 20, 2020
  • I just finished watching Sandition and absolutely there needs to be a Season 2. Jane Austen’s novels always ended with a happy ending. We must have Season 2! We Canadians loved the show as well!

    September 24, 2020
  • A year ago I watched Sanditon and rewatched it and watched it again and again and again. I’m a sucker for period dramas. Love the costumes, the revisiting of times past, the decorum and etiquette. It’s all too fabulous. The disappointment of the program ending in such an unfinished way has caused great angst!! The fact many are still bemoaning the series a year later is a testament to a desire to see it through to a true Jane Austen ending. She would NEVER have left so much unsaid and undone. Surely, with all the wealth in the movie industry & beyond, there is someone who will take up where they left us hanging. Surely!!

    September 26, 2020
  • Please bring another season. I will pay to watch it.

    September 29, 2020
  • Absolutely gutted by the ending. As others have said Jane Austen’s characters always have their happily ever after endings and the antagonists their due. So many loose end storylines, so much more to explore, and of course, just like Lizzy and Darcy, Sidney and Charlotte must get back together. Big NO to Mr. Stringer, nice guy and all but he would not make a happy ending, there was no chemistry, just his pining away for Charlotte. This was just awful and so unfair to the audience who invested their time and Jane Austen who was not a sequel author and I surmise would not have liked this at all. Her readers are always satisfied. Anyway, I hope a studio will pick this up and either produce a second season or a movie such as Downton to wrap up loose ends. There will be an audience for this between Brits and now US.

    October 2, 2020
  • I’ve fallen completely in love with Sanditon! I’ve watched season one over and over again. It’s one of the best TV series ever! Please give us a season two, please don’t leave these beautiful characters without their Jane Austin ended.

    October 4, 2020
  • Where else can we beg?

    October 5, 2020
  • We want a season 2 of Sanditon, we loved it. If there is a petition we’ll sign

    October 5, 2020
  • I just watched all 8 episodes and it must return! Please we need to see the strong brought to life and finished.

    October 6, 2020
  • I agree with all of the above. I also think Jane Austen believed in good and in love and that would be a
    more appropriate ending. I too would sign any petition.!!!!!

    October 8, 2020
  • Today I finished watching Sanditon in PBS and I can’t believe the end. I feel cheated and upset. It’s the best master piece ever gorgeous and compelling . But feel Unfinished desvasted not only with Sidney and Charlotte also with the others characters.

    October 12, 2020
  • Ich kann das Ende der 1.Staffel nicht glauben! Es hat mir das Herz zerbrochen, dass es kein Happy End für Charlotte und Sydney gibt. Sie lieben sich und für sie hätte sich Jane Austen sicherlich ein glückliches Ende erdacht. Die Serie ist wunderbar und die Geschichte ist nicht zu Ende erzählt… Wir brauchen die 2.Staffel!!!

    October 13, 2020
  • Please Please tell us when to expect the next season !!

    October 14, 2020
  • Please do a season 2.!!! Don’t leave us hanging 😳

    November 1, 2020
  • If you are going to adapt an unfinished austen and NOT film it as a stand alone miniseries, it is almost Ethically demanded that you finish it! How could anyone consider dropping it?! As IF there would not be viewership and royalties for…oh, ever????

    November 6, 2020
  • Beautifully produced, top notch actors. We’ve watched twice trying to make sense of the ending which is definitely a cliff hanger. We need a Season 2 in order to finalize the story. Otherwise why was it ever produced in the first place?

    December 19, 2020

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