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Can you really get a Netflix subscription for free? Rip open the story and find out how to hustle the streamer and watch all your favorites for free.

Wondering how to get Netflix for free? Here’s the best way

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, people are more reliant than ever on their beloved streaming services. The early days of lockdown back in March 2020 had folks around the globe stuck inside, and for many, streaming hours of content was the only way to escape. Ironically enough, however, now is also one of the most difficult times for streamers & streaming services alike.

The streaming wars have gotten downright out of hand over the past few years. While millennials vividly remember the early days of streaming, when Netflix was really the only (legal) game in town, zoomers are used to a different kind of streaming landscape.

Yes, in today’s streaming landscape, Netflix is just a shrimp in a sea of options to choose from. Different streaming services are snatching up everyone’s favorite shows & movies for themselves, forcing viewers with a variety of faves to subscribe to multiple services. But with the massive troubles of 2021, who can afford that?

Playing favorites

Between Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Apple TV Plus, to name a few, there is an intimidating amount of streaming services to choose from. 

However, in order to have access to all the series & movies you like to watch on a regular basis, you’ll have to drop quite a few bucks in order to subscribe to all the services necessary. However, many across the globe remain unemployed after losing work due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while others have taken pay cuts in order to rejoin the workforce. 

As a result, 2021 isn’t the year in which many people are ready to shell out extra money in order to have the streaming set up of their dreams. People are getting crafty, and many want to know how they can get services like Netflix for free. So can you get access to Netflix for free? If so, how?

Snail mail

Any Netflix O.G.s will remind you about Netflix’s free trial (oh, those were the days). However, after years of spearheading the streaming movement, Netflix has caught on to our hustle. Unlike many streaming providers, Netflix no longer offers a free trial for streaming. 

However, DollarSprout reported back in June that Netflix still offers a free trial for DVD rentals. Yes, young ones, Netflix used to be a pre-streaming service where you could rent DVDs through the mail on a regular basis. 

So, if you have $7.99 you can put down as a deposit for the standard rental plan, or $11.99 for the premium plan, dust off that old DVD player or fire up the PS4.

You can get Netflix free rentals for a whole month until you cancel, and then grab your lunch money back when you cancel. The rental plan has no late fees, free shipping, and you can cancel any time. Furthermore, you can remember what life was like back in the early 2000s.

Other options

Okay, so you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of shipping physical disks back and forth for your content. We can’t blame you. Another option for free Netflix is a tried & true one: borrowing passwords.

Yes, Netflix may have caught on to the free trial hustle, but the service still allows users to pass their accounts around with friends & family. Do something nice for that financially stable subscriber in your life, and you’ll be watching the latest buzz series in no time.

Finally, a little light Googling will tell you how you can get Netflix for free in another way. How? Through promotions, of course. A few mobile & internet providers will toss new subscribers a Netflix account as a part of their packages. For example, T-Mobile Magenta plan subscribers will get a free basic Netflix subscription, while T-Mobile One plan holders get a standard subscription to the streamer.

There you have it, a few work arounds that’ll land you with some free Netflix. If all else fails, Christmas is right around the corner!

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