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Have someone in your life who loves movies but is always cold? Here's some of the best gifts for the movie lover who is always cold.

Gifts For The Movie Lover Who Is ALWAYS Cold

If there is a movie fan in your life who loves binge-watching their favorite movies at home–fancying themselves as a bit of an indie movie-maker, even–then you can bet they barely move around the house just in case they miss something good on screen. 

But sitting so still for hours on end inevitably means getting cold. And if they’re always cold, what can you do to help? 

You can really make things comfortable by getting that person something that will warm them up and keep them in front of their flat screen television with no fears of their nose turning to icicles or their toes dropping off from hypothermia. 

In this article, we’ll share our top gift ideas for the movie lover who is always cold.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Cold Watching Movies . . .

Well, the main reason is obvious–because it’s just not comfortable. Cold feet, clammy cold hands, iceberg toes, and shivering sensations just take the fun out of movie watching, simply because you will be distracted. This kind of distraction – trying to stay warm – is not only annoying but may also turn an otherwise fun night of movies into a nightmare. 

Another reason for someone to avoid getting cold is if the movie buff is elderly or infirm, or suffers a cold-sensitive illness such as Reynaud’s Syndrome or has a mobility impairment.

All those situations can make it really quite dangerous to get too cold when propping up that favorite armchair. The blood circulation slows, and the body’s core temperature can edge toward hypothermia. Getting up to do a workout in such cases is out of the question, and their movie nights are their main pleasure. 

This is why you desperately need to find something to warm this person up–and fast.

Microwavable Slippers

We are not making this up and it doesn’t come from the plot of a poorly-written or directed B-movie. These slippers are actually microwavable. They look like your ordinary plush slippers and happen to be filled with all-natural grain and dried French lavender which makes ‘em nice and toasty once you pop them out of the microwave that you set for 60, 90 or 120 seconds. 

If you give someone a pair of these Warmies Microwavable Slippers, don’t be too surprised if you suddenly become that movie lover’s best friend.

Heated Mug

Do you know what they say about warming you up from the inside out? Well, this Ember Heated Mug will do the trick by keeping any beverage nice and warm for an extended period of time. 

The temperature you choose is completely adjustable from 120f to 145f, and the battery that does all the hard work has an hour of life on a single charge–or just let your heated mug stay warm on the charging coaster for the entire day! Of course, remember to switch it off when on vacation or you may return to a frazzled home–although the manufacturer says the ‘smart mug’ will switch itself off if empty. 

If you download the Ember app, you’ll be able to control the mug with your smartphone if you’d like. That does sound a tad unnecessary, however… maybe the designers just didn’t know where to stop. 

There are some very clever features in this mug design but we still have one ‘scalding question’; how do we wash it? There’s nothing about this on the website. 

6-Hour Zippo Hand Warmer

Another way to warm someone up is to get their hands toasty. Chilling the hands has a marked effect on the whole body–and the reverse applies too. 

What’s great is that everyone already knows the Zippo name, and so we’d trust their ability to make a nifty and effective 6-Hour Hand Warmer that delivers a gentle and steady heat. And yes, this gadget looks like a pocket lighter and uses lighter fuel–but it won’t set either your pants or your hands on fire, we promise!

These devices are flameless and can be refilled with lighter fuel using Zippo’s “easy fill technology,” eliminating the risk of fuel spills.  

The slick, thin design is alluring and allows you to stash one or two of these just about anywhere. Got cold hands watching a movie marathon? No problem. One of these little hand warmers will keep your digits hot and ready for remote-control action for (six) hours on end. 

We think it’s also great to support an old brand that’s finding ways to diversify from the old lung-rotter habit of smoking! (Although–you could always have a good smoke while watching the latest Bond . . . )

Thermal Socks

The thing is, if the toes are cold, it doesn’t matter how the rest of you feel–chilly feet are extremely unpleasant and distracting, so that’s a ‘toe-tal’ no-go for movie lovers. 

The rather unashamedly predictable solution is to buy the movie lover some thermal socks–which are just as they sound. Note that thermal socks can either be considered thermal by adding some form of heating element, or by virtue of their clever construction or materials. 

We think socks that take advantage of clever materials are better than artificial heat, since heating the feet too much is also not always the best idea–and can lead to those annoying little blighters known as chilblains. Now, those really are going to spoil a good movie! Itch, itch . . . aagh!

Anyway, it’s your choice–here’s where you can find all the very best thermal socks

Cotton-Rich Luxurious Argyle Socks  

 If you’re going to go to the trouble of browsing thermal socks as detailed earlier, we also think you should consider a more traditional pair of great socks that are simply cotton-soft, superbly manufactured and super cozy–and all these factors contribute toward foot warmth.

The Argyle sock pattern is an old favorite with those who have an opulent taste, having their heritage in the Scottish clans. Think of roaring fires and vast castle spaces–and you can be a Laird when you don a pair of these. With an 80% cotton construction and a heart-warming deep red and pink color mix–or indeed, any other color you prefer–these No Cold Feet socks will have you heated right through in no time. 

And if your toes are happy, so is the rest of you. 

Oh, and we should also add that although this pattern of sock also comes in synthetic fabrics, it’s the indulgent soft cotton and fine fabrics here that make these socks superlative. So, no cheap, inferior lookalikes, please!   

FAR Infrared Foot Warmer

You may as well add a fabulous electric Foot Warmer to the list. Only, this is not your garden variety foot warmer, since it includes real FAR infra-red technology for a deep-tissue enhanced experience at the flick of a switch and a fraction of the cost of going to your local spa. 

Another benefit is that putting the feet in a pair of these with attached battery and cables (the battery straps to your calf) will stop your sofa-slouching movie buff crossing their legs. That’s a bad habit that can impede the circulation and contribute to deathly blood clots. 

The FAR-infrared heating also features embellishes what could have been a pretty good insole anyway, and turns it into one of these amazing, you-won’t-believe-what-happened-to-me types of products. Note, too, that FAR infrared has well-documented therapeutic benefits so is ideal for people who suffer from immune disorders, arthritis, and other foot or joint issues. So, this is one device that’s way beyond a gimmick–FAR infrared has masses of good research vouching for its efficacy.

Hot Chocolate

It’s a fact that not only does a great hot chocolate warm you, but it gives you a comfortable feeling of nostalgia as well and is a firm favorite way to get warm.

Sitting in front of the television watching movies all day is pretty relaxing to begin with, but if you happen to pick up a chill, nothing wipes it out faster than a nice, steaming mug of hot chocolate. 

For many, it’s a comfort treat that brings back fond memories of that warm mug served as soon as you stepped in from the chilly outdoors. There are several brands and varieties of hot chocolate flavors to choose from, so you’ll have lots to work with.

Knitted Hat

You probably already know that most of your body heat escapes from the top of your head. This is why it is always wise to bundle up – including covering your head – when spending time outdoors. 

Now, we’re not about to assert that being fixed to the telly box is anything like a march up Everest–but still, sitting in front of the television watching 2019’s best movies when you are cold means that some of your body heat is floating to the ceiling. Talk about an unwanted out-of-body experience! 

One way to keep that from happening is to wear a wool hat. And if you’re watching with the kids, why not treat them to a Disney hat each?  


It doesn’t matter how high the heater’s cranked up–watching movies all night will have you chilled to the bone. We’re sure there’s no excuse for not being toasty warm if you’ve seriously perused our gift list for movie buffs . . .

But of course, if you don’t want to spend too much, you can also find a buddy and cuddle up as you binge-watch your movies.

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