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Believe it or not casinos are inspired by movies somtimes. It doesn't just happen the other way around. Here is why this seems to happen.

How does the movie industry inspire casinos?

We’ve seen casinos portrayed in movies and TV shows since the mediums were invented. Either as a backdrop, a set-piece, or the main focus of a movie, casinos are an iconic part of popular culture, and a place where intrigue, drama and excitement occur. 

Whether it’s James Bond drinking a poisoned martini in Casino Royale, Lola risking it all as fast as she can in Run Lola Run, or Dustin Hoffman clearing up in Rain Man, scenes in casinos are filled with the kind of nail-biting tension that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

But more and more casinos are allowing movies and TV to filter back into the gaming experience, with themed games, graphics, storylines and more. The inspiration between the two flows both ways. Let’s take a closer look at the ongoing relationship between cinema and casinos.

Why use TV and movie themes?

Casino games owe their popularity to engagement with players. An immediate rapport with the playing public means the game is more enjoyable, and a synergy develops between the show or movie and the game. In a way, this is a form of brand loyalty, and the player can relate to the gameplay more with a familiar and famous (or infamous) cast of characters.

And for game developers, movies provide a ready-made storyline to incorporate into the game, as well as an established fan base.  Away from themed games, many players at the card tables, enjoying poker, blackjack and baccarat take their inspiration from such suave operators as James Bond, aiming to win big in the glamorous surroundings of a casino. 


Online casinos seem to launch new games every day. The development of new technology means that compelling games can be produced quickly. Many themed games, particularly slots, are highly imaginative, original and groundbreaking.

But developers can also have their finger on the pulse of pop culture, taking advantage of newly released blockbuster movies or a plot twist in a series to inspire their newest games, as you can see at CasinoTopsOnline. With the world moving so quickly, and so many online casino options available to players, casinos need to produce exciting games that tap into the zeitgeist.


Slot machines are among the most popular and accessible casino games. Simple in premise and gameplay, and with the potential for a big payout, slots attract many new players to casinos. The advent of modern technology in both land-based and online casinos has seen a rise in themed games, and many of these themes are directly inspired by popular shows and movies.

With the industry booming, developers are producing a vast array of games to appeal widely to punters. These play on the popularity of such binge-worthy shows as Game of Thrones and Family Guy, as well as classic and thrilling movies such as Jurassic World and Terminator 2. These themed slots are a reason why slot machines outperform many other games such as roulette and blackjack in terms of casino revenue.


Even before movies and TV, we saw superheroes in print, on the back pages of our newspapers and in comic books. They migrated effortlessly to the silver screen, and superhero movies remain one of the most popular genres at the box office. So it’s no surprise to see many superhero-themed games in online casinos, particularly slot machines.

Characters such as Batman, the Flash, Superman and Green Lantern, instantly recognisable to fans of Marvel comics as well as major motion pictures, all have slot games dedicated to them. And specific movies, such as The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel and Captain America have given rise to slot games to recreate the intense atmosphere and excitement viewers enjoyed on screen.

Popular movie-themed games

Aside from superheroes, many other popular movies and franchises have found their way into online casino games. If you’re a boxing fan, a Rocky inspired slot machine is available, featuring characters from the franchise, as well as knockout bonuses. For fans of musicals, there is a Grease themed slot machine, giving you the choice to follow the progress of lead characters Danny or Sandy, with bonuses named after the hit songs from the movie.

If you love gangster films, Scarface may be the slot machine for you – as well as featuring scenes from the film, it also features a bonus round where you help Tony Montana fight off gunmen. Forrest Gump, Ferris Bueller, Freddy Krueger and many other iconic characters from movie history all have a place among online casino games. 


Once upon a time casinos inspired scenes on the big (and small) screen. Nowadays, the trend goes both ways – movie fans are spoiled for choice in online casinos.

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