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'Money Heist' fans are absolutely rabid to find out what happens to The Professor after the season 4 cliffhanger. Let's talk theories.

Will The Professor survive the season 4 ‘Money Heist’ cliffhanger?

Money Heist fans are absolutely rabid to find out what happens to The Professor (Álvaro Morte) after the cliffhanger ending of season 4. The last time we saw him he was staring down the barrel of a gun held by Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri).

Knowing the show isn’t afraid to kill main characters & fan favorites has viewers more than a little anxious to know whether or not the mastermind behind the show’s insane heists are going to make it out alive. Some fans are convinced he won’t, while others refuse to believe he won’t miraculously find a way to survive, just as he has so many times before.

There are all kinds of theories swarming about, and some crazier than others.

Death comes for all

The most grim theory is that The Professor won’t survive past season 4. Some fans are absolutely convinced he will succumb to a bullet (or a few) from Alicia Sierra’s gun, leaving the gang inside the bank to fend for themselves.

This theory also posits that everyone else is also going to die in the fifth season – with only Tokyo left alive, since she’s the one narrating the story. Depending on who you ask, Tokyo is either narrating the story from a jail cell or from a tucked away hideout the police can’t find.

A secret weapon

The newest theory to take us hardcore fans by storm comes from a very astute fan who must be re-watching Money Heist regularly to come up with this one.

The fan noticed a seemingly background character who has appeared in more than one episode. The fan noticed The Professor call a character “Capitán” in the seventh episode of season 4. Only members of the team are given nicknames such as this. The fan then said, “I remember him appearing on the ship during season three episode one, when the gang set sail for international waters.”

This means whoever Capitán is, he’s a supporting member of the team and may serve to be a more integral part of the cast in the upcoming season. It wouldn’t be the first time Money Heist has done this & some believe he could show up at just the right time to save The Professor from Sierra, and help the gang escape.


Berlin’s big return

One of the crazier and more far-fetched theories is that Berlin (Pedro Alonso) isn’t dead. There’s a number of iterations of this theory from faking his death, the police claiming he died & taking him into custody to torture like they did Rio, to the idea Tatiana (Diana Gómez) and Alicia are the same person. (Though this last one implies Berlin would have married the enemy and that doesn’t seem likely.)

In the end, if Berlin is alive and comes back to make a triumphant return, it would be a beautiful moment if he swanned in to save his brother from Alicia Sierra.

Another issue with this idea is that Berlin had a terminal illness so it seems very unlikely he’d still be alive even if he had originally faked his death. But, then again, Money Heist has written itself out of seemingly more impossible situations. Anything is possible.

A change of heart

Another theory some fans can’t seem to shake is the idea Alicia Sierra might decide to team-up with The Professor and his gang of thieves. She was rabid to catch them all throughout season 3 and season 4, so what could cause her to change her mind?

Well, for starters we heard her sing “Bella Ciao” in the end credits. How she knew this was the gang’s anthem nobody knows just yet. (For some this is proof Berlin is her dead husband.) Fans think that after being fired by the police force she worked so hard for she might just decide to defect to the side of the criminals.

Perhaps it’s possible – The Professor was able to turn the first police inspector he warned against & now they’re dating.

The most obvious out

The most obvious way out might just be the most logical. Though it doesn’t come with much surprise, grandeur, or twisting of the plot, it’s staring all of us fans – and likely the writers – right in the face.

Alicia Sierra is very pregnant. Stress is known to induce labor early, and by the looks of things, she’s already pretty darn close to her due date. The opening of season five could just show Sierra going into labor and The Professor doing his best to help her & the gang simultaneously.

This could also lead to her having a change of heart in regard for her desire to throw the whole gang in prison, or it could just buy them all enough time to get the heck out of her way by leaving the country again.

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