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Just because the King of Pop is gone doesn't mean he's forgotten. See Michael Jackson re-imagined in digital art when you visit!

“ This is me” is the new digital monument dedicated to the King of Pop

Michael Jackson is still the ultimate idol for many fans today. The exceptional artist is justifiably considered the greatest pop musician of all time and his songs are regularly played on the radio to this day. Yet MJ was more than a musician: he was an artist, philanthropist, family man, father, entrepreneur, lyricist and more. wants to provide a platform for all those facets.

Michael Jackson is still one of the most successful musicians and songwriters of all time.

An independent platform to showcase all facets of Michael Jackson

A team of international researchers worked on the new platform for over two years, which aims to make Michael Jackson’s digital legacy accessible and preserve it for the public. In the process, it was important to the operators to accurately research and compile detailed information on the King of Pop before the monumental platform was published. shows the many facets of the exceptional artist in such a detailed and real way as hardly any other platform has managed before. Both an app and a desktop version are available to users.

In the app, users can find short videos sorted into different categories. MJ is portrayed as a musician, artist, private person and much more. It is therefore possible to find out specifically about his humanitarian commitment, his role as a father, his musical successes or his art and poetry. Thus, for the first time in many years, fans have the opportunity to feel very close to their idol again. donates all profits to the newly established foundation

To be able to use all the content of the app, fans must currently have a premium account. This costs 20 US dollars per year. With that money, the creators cover the costs for the further development and support of the app and the web version. is independent of the MJ Estate and has no intention to make a profit. All profits made from the premium subscriptions therefore go to the MyIdol Foundation, which is featured online at MyIdol.Foundation. This foundation is committed to supporting disadvantaged children and young people.

Even Michael Jackson himself considered education to be one of the most valuable assets and saw good education as the cornerstone for inspiration and equal opportunities. The MyIdol.Foundation wants to put this basic idea into practice with its foundation work and is therefore already building schools for disadvantaged children all over the world.

Exceptional works of art are also to become part of the digital heritage on

Fan artwork as an important link between fans and their idol

An important part of the digital monument is the fan art. Here, fans have the unique opportunity to submit their artwork related to the King of Pop and show it to other fans. To do this, fans submit their fan artwork via an online form on the website, whether it be videos, pictures, audio recordings, texts or collages and photographs. The operators of the platform check the submissions and would like to publish as much fan art as possible in the future. This allows a completely new look at Michael Jackson and the influence he had on people worldwide.

Even during his lifetime, there were numerous fans who created art for and about Michael Jackson. At concerts and other public appearances, they gave him paintings, poems and other works of art. Today it is known that MJ kept all the artworks and loved how much the fans felt inspired by him. This is exactly the feeling wants to recreate with the inclusion of fan artwork.

Unpublished footage: “Spiritual Journey” and more

Experts describe as a “living piece of art“. The digital monument continues to develop with each new release and shows more and more sides of Michael Jackson. Unpublished content is at the heart of the platform. In the early 2000s, for example, MJ recorded a tape that had previously remained hidden from the public. “Spiritual Journey” is the name of the piece, which is probably MJ’s most personal recording.

He recorded the tape for his friend Roy Horn when he was in a coma as a result of an accident with one of his tigers. Roy Horn was part of the magician duo “Siegfried and Roy” and had a serious accident in 2003 from which he never fully recovered. “Spiritual Journey” shows the vulnerable side of the King of Pop.

In addition, there will be more unreleased material on “The Story”, for example, is a documentary that shows Michael Jackson from unprecedented angles. With the help of modern 3D technology, the King of Pop comes alive once again. “The Story” will be released in several seasons so that fans can enjoy new content every month.

The operators of the platform are aware that MJ is still controversially discussed today. is a digital homage to one of the greatest icons of our time. The legacy is therefore treated respectfully and Michael Jackson is presented as the person the fans love to this day.

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