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Marvel's 'Eternals' is one of the most anticipated superhero flicks of all time. Unearth the story and see where you can stream the movie for free.

Where can you stream Marvel’s new movie ‘Eternals’ for free?

Humanity will always be fascinated by the idea of living forever. Perhaps, one day that’ll be a reality. Leave it up to fiction to take us there (in a way) just a little bit sooner! If you’re a Marvel fan, chances are you’ve heard of the upcoming movie Eternals. The Eternals will give us a new & exciting team of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

We’ll see ancient aliens who have been surreptitiously on Earth for thousands of years. (Just as a side note, we have yet to make contact with all the life forms on Earth in real life!). Succeeding the events of the Avengers: Endgame, a sudden tragedy forces them to come out of the shadows to reunite against humanity’s most ancient enemy, “The Deviants”.

Like the Eternals, The Deviants were coined by the Celestials and are, at their core, a murky version of our beloved Eternals. Within Marvel Comics, the two races have had conflict time & time again. All fans can look forward to the Eternals movie on November 5, 2021 but save your money! (We’re still in a pandemic, afterall). We’re going to show you where you can stream the new Marvel movie for free. 

Release date

For a little more on the release date, Eternals was supposed to be the second Marvel Phase 4 movie. Due to the stubbornly ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the entire release schedule was messed up. 

We can still expect the November release but don’t expect the movie to be available on Disney + anytime soon. It’s going to take some more time before we can stream it. 

Eternals was originally scheduled to arrive in cinemas in November of 2020 and was pushed back to February the following year, taking Shang-Chi’s original release slot. But then the pandemic wanted to continue and Eternals arrived at its current November release date. 


Not long ago, Kevin Feige said of the upcoming film, “The impact Eternals will have on the MCU will be nothing less than redefining the cinematic universe.” Yes, the head of Marvel Studios is standing by that great promise. Plus, Eternals is filled with great names, and equally, some very promising newcomers. 

Angelina Jolie will depict the warrior Thena and Game of Thrones’s Richard Madden will take on the role of Ikaris. Master swordsman Kingo will be played by Kumail Nanjiani. Bollywood film star Brian Tyree Henry will play the inventor Phastos. Don Lee will be Gilgamesh. Barry Keoghan will be the face of Druig. 

Nanjiani talked about the diverse call sheet. “I was on set shooting, and the director showed me just a still of all of us together in the scene. We all look so different. You don’t ever get to see people like this together in the same room, let alone in awesome superhero costumes”. The actor agrees that Eternals will be “the most epic of all the Marvel movies”.

“I play Ajak, who is the leader of the superheroes and all of them are people you would never have imagined. Except for Angelina. Angelina 一 she was born to be a superhero!”, says Salma Hayek telling Total Film about her excitement. 

Online for free

Where can we watch the new Marvel movie Eternals for free? All we have to do is visit Vudu So plan this weekend’s movie night, especially as the weather gets colder & colder outside. You could see just once and for all, if the new movie is truly Marvel’s greatest. 

You can also check out titles like Son of the Mask, Fantastic 4 and Unbreakable on the same exact site. 

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