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'The Batman' is finally here. Find out how to stream the anticipated DC movie online for free.

Watch ‘The Batman’ 2022: Online free streaming at home

DC Movies! Here’s options for downloading or watching The Batman streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the Robert Pattinson movie at home. Is The Batman 2022 available to stream? Is watching The Batman on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service.

Watch Now: The Batman 2022 Movie Online Free

Another Batman movie may not be what the world needs right now, but perhaps it’s what we deserve. This time around, it’s Robert Pattinson‘s turn to put on the mask, for The Batman (2022), which is opening in theaters today.

Directed by Matt Reeves, who also co-wrote the script with Peter Craig, this Batman movie promises to be dark, twisted, and serious. Zoe Kravitz stars alongside Pattinson as Catwoman, a thief and a night club waitress who crosses paths with the reclusive billionaire-turned-vigilante known as Bruce Wayne (Pattinson). But cat and bat must work together to come up against the sociopathic serial killer who calls himself The Riddler (played by Paul Dano).

Also starring Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell, this sure is another Batman movie. Read on to find out where to watch The Batman and when The Batman will be on HBO Max.

The Batman’s Release Date

The Batman will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022. It was originally intended to be a summer movie (as most Batman movies have traditionally been), but it was pushed back from its June 25, 2021 release date multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is The Batman About?

The Batman is a reboot of the Batman franchise, with Robert Pattinson stepping into the title role, replacing Ben Affleck from the DCEU. As we have said before, Reeves’ movie looks to really adapt the comic book version of the character, painting a portrait of Gotham that we really have not seen since the Tim Burton films from the late 80s/early 90s. This interpretation of Batman is meaner, rougher, and, more dangerous than any previous incarnation, and Pattinson looks to be having an absolute blast with it.

Is The Batman Streaming Online?

Unlike last year’s Warner Bros. films (Dune, The Matrix Resurrections, The Suicide Squad, etc.), The Batman will not have a day-and-date streaming release on HBO Max. However, in 2021, WarnerMedia announced that it would be moving to a “45-day theatrical window” in 2022. With The Batman hitting theaters on March 4, that means that the film should be available to stream on HBO Max on April 19, 2022, but this hasn’t officially been confirmed.

Watch Now: The Batman 2022 Movie Online Free

The day-and-date release schedule financially hurt nearly every Warner Bros. film of last year, except for Dune (which grossed more than $400 million worldwide) and Godzilla Vs. Kong. Hopefully, this is a positive sign for the box office potential of The Batman.

Will The Batman Be on Digital or VOD?

Yes. After the movie’s theatrical run, The Batman will also be available to buy or rent on digital platforms like Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and more, in addition to streaming on HBO Max.

Where to Watch The Batman 2022 Movie:

Right now, the only place to watch The Batman is in a movie theater when it opens on Friday, March 4. You can find a showing at a movie theater near you here. After 45 days in theaters, you will be able to stream The Batman on HBO Max. Read on for more details.

Will The Batman 2022 Stream on HBO Max?

Yes—but The Batman will not be on HBO Max at the same time it opens in theaters, because HBO Max is not streaming theatrical movies in 2022.  Last year, Warner Bros. opted to simultaneously release its theatrical slate on streaming, meaning HBO Max subscribers could watch movies like Matrix Resurrections at home. This year, however, Warner Bros. theatrical movies will have a 45-day theaters-only run before moving to HBO Max.

Watch Now: The Batman 2022 Movie Online Free

Is The Batman 2022 on NETFLIX?

No. The Batman is not streaming on Netflix and likely will not be on Netflix any time soon, due to the fact that the film will have a streaming home on HBO Max. If you want to watch The Batman at home, you’ll have to watch it on HBO Max or purchase the movie on VOD in April.

Is The Batman 2022 Available On Hulu?

Viewers are saying that they want to view the new TV show The Batman 2022 on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

Who Stars in The Batman?

Aside from Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz is a big draw as Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. Colin Farrell is unrecognizable as Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), and Paul Dano is creepy as heck as Edward Nashton (The Riddler). Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard and Andy Serkis round out the principal cast.

  • Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman
  • Paul Dano as Edward Nashton / Riddler
  • Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon
  • John Turturro as Carmine Falcone
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Gil Colson
  • Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Colin Farrell as Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot / Penguin

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