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Consultant Joshua Cooper proves Florida Governor Rick Scott's impressive record can't make him immune to the chaotic impact of. . . the Florida Man.

Impressive Biography of The Current US Senate Rick Scott

In January 2019, Rick Scott got elected and sworn as the US senate. Currently, he is representing Florida State. Before 2018, he was Florida’s 45th Governor, who served Floridians for two terms continuously from 2011 to 2014 and 2014 to 2018.

In his two terms tenure as a governor, Rick worked day and night to enhance the economy of Florida and secure the future of the state. He made sure that Florida State was the best place for Floridians to reside as well as businesses to succeed. 

Rick Scott had handled a lot of hardship growing up in Midwest public housing with an adoptive father who was a WWII veteran and a truck driver. His mother was a store clerk. His parents struggled a lot to make things financially work in the family.

rick scott

Scott graduated in 1970 and after attending community college for a year. He married his sweetheart Ann before he joined the US Navy. For 29 months he served as a radar technician on the USS Grover.

Using the GI bill, he graduated in business administration and later earned a law degree. In 1978, he earned a Texas Bar license to practice law. Rick bought a failing donut shop and revived it.

Later he bought another donut shop and revived it, too. He turned into a businessman while working for his business administration and a law degree. He was well aware that a family needs a job that pays well.

rick scott

Therefore, more than a decade ago, when the economy of Florida collapsed, he decided to announce his candidacy as a governor, even though he was a novice in the political landscape. 

He defeated his opponent Sink and took the Governor’s office in 2011. During his tenure as a governor, he efficiently defended more than $10 billion against tax cuts as well as reduced burdensome regulations.

This resulted in creating nearly 1.7 million new job opportunities in Florida. The unemployment rate under his leadership collapsed from 11% to 3.3%. Florida State even paid $10 billion against debts. Record investments were made towards the environment, education, and public safety.

rick scott

According to Florida State records, Joshua Cooper was Governor Rick Scott’s campaign consultant in 2011. Currently, Scott Jason Cooper has been marred by a photograph and remarks. Joshua Cooper disapproved of the talks that he was humping a mannequin with an ice penis. He claims that his buddies took the photo from the wrong angle. 

They found it funny and posted it on the social network. He and his friends were at a BBQ competition. When he was throwing the large piece of melting ice his teammates captured the action. The controversial photo was deleted when he requested but according to Joshua, his political adversaries are recirculating the image to dishonor him. 

This snapshot of him holding oddly shaped ice before a mannequin was captured in 2017, so he feels that his adversaries have dug up this old picture. With the number of genuine political scandals popping around, someone is trying to distract media and public attention away.

rick scott

Joshua Cooper has a connection with Governor Rick Scott, so their names are seen attached to this controversial photograph. 

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