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You can play online pokies for real money now, without ever stepping foot on the casino floor. Check out these iconic gambling scenes in TV shows.

Trying your luck: All the best TV show scenes involving gambling

The jingling of quarters in a cup as you walk the casino floor. Cigarette smoke clouding the air. The ringing of the machines as someone that isn’t you just hit the jackpot on. Granted, anyone who’s been to a casino in the past 10 years knows this is no longer the way casinos work nowadays.

You can play online pokies for real money now, without ever stepping foot on the casino floor. Even if you dare go to a casino, most bets are taken through member cards, or only accept bills, no coins. But the hyped up way TV shows paint gambling have us dreaming of the past.

With many casinos still closed thanks to COVID-19, you can always go to aussie online casinos to get your gambling fix in. But if you want to enjoy the old thrills of casinos past, check out these iconic gambling scenes in TV shows. 

How I Met Your Mother

Granted, we get how overwhelming walking into the casino can be at times. Just watching Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) play Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing has us scratching our head. Anytime we see a new table game at the casino, we’re reacting in a similar way to the rest of the gang as they try to figure out what the hell game this is. 

The Sopranos

Sore losers are the worst in any game, but especially when bets are included. There’s a reason Silvio isn’t invited back for poker night, but we’re not sure which one of his many insults got him banned. 

The Simpsons

While most people call out the episode where Mr. Burns opens a casino in Springfield, we’re going with this underrated episode with Flanders and Homer going to Vegas. Homer is trying to help Flanders out of his funk of not living life to the fullest, but of course, everything goes exactly how you’d expect when Homer’s in charge. 

The Office

Most remember the season 2 finale for its importance for Pam and Jim’s relationship. But dear old Michael also decided to turn his boss card over to lady luck for the night when he gets the crew involved in a casino night for charity. “If luck weren’t involved, I’d always be winning.” Us too Michael. Us too. 

Boardwalk Empire

Of course, you can’t talk about intense gambling scenes without talking about Boardwalk Empire. Taking place in Prohibition era Atlantic City, gangsters, and criminals of America’s past walked those streets and got involved in a game or two of poker. This specific scene takes on gangster Arnold Rothstein.

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