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Still social distancing at home? We get the sense you’re interested in watching 'Elite Short Stories' online for free? Explore what we’ve gathered so far!

Need more ‘Elite’? Watch ‘Elite Short Stories’ online for free now

Netflix brought Elite fans a special holiday gift this past holiday season. They may have to wait a little while longer for Elite season 5 to grace the streaming giant, Netflix is giving us another round of Elite Short Stories which should tide fans over until the official return to Las Encinas next year. (Naturally, they’re looking for the online free option!)

Resembling this past summer’s round of Elite Short Stories, these three new short series will tour what Omar (Omar Ayuso), Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), and Caye (Georgina Amoros) have been up to amid the break. A great twist can tie a whole story together like a piece of furniture in a room. Is there a twist for these three new installments of Elite Short Stories? They’re centered around the beloved holiday season! 

In the midst of the show, we follow three impoverished Spanish teens who end up being sent to the country’s most elite high school following the event of their local school collapsing on itself as if it were a sickly person. (We literally mean “collapse”.) Soon, the trio is all caught up in both the sex lives of Las Encinas’s students along with a horrific murder mystery. 

Season 4 centered on the arrival of a new principal to the school and his three teen children. Perhaps you’re all caught up? Or maybe you’re completely new to the show? No matter what, we get the sense you’re interested in watching Elite Short Stories online for free? Explore what we’ve gathered so far!

Elite Short Stories 

Elite Short Stories are exactly as they sound. They’re short stories (an example in film would be a collection of a few five to ten-minute-long episodes per storyline). Their focus is on what the characters of Elite get into in-between seasons. 

The first round of Elite Short Stories premiered over the summer in the run-up to Elite season 4’s debut. The new trio of Elite Short Stories presents the actions of Phillipe (Pol Granch), Caye, Caye’s new pal Felipe (Alex Monner), Samuel, Omar, and Patrick (Manu Rios). 

Netflix release

Much like all Netflix originals, the new installments of Elite Short Stories premiered on Netflix at 3 AM ET/12 AM PT per the scheduled launch date. If at any time in the near future, you’re on Netflix at the time of the scheduled release of any show, and you can’t find the new episodes, don’t worry! Just wait a few minutes and hit the refresh icon on the app. 

Elite season 5

An interest in adding Elite Short Stories to your list of free online masterpieces includes a curiosity in the whereabouts of season 5. Yes, there will be an Elite season 5! As a matter of fact, filming for the new season has already wrapped up this summer. Unfortunately, there is no word on when the fifth season will premiere on Netflix. We know nothing for sure yet but we’re speculating it’ll be early this year. 

Netflix has already renewed Elite Short Stories for another season. Season 6 is on the way!

Watching online for free

With the COVID pandemic hardly showing signs of slowing down, staying at home whenever you can is still very wise. Financial circumstances are a spectrum and especially for those of us living on tight budgets, we shouldn’t have to give up shows & movies! There are plenty of options for watching our favorite titles online for free but do those titles include Elite Short Stories?

Visit and you might be very pleased!

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