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As Disney dominates all streaming services, many want to know how to get Disney Plus for free. Here are all the places to get the streaming service for free.

Is Disney Plus free? It can be by using one of these tricks

Disney Plus made its debut in November 2019. Since then, the platform has blessed us with an array of Disney content including new and old movies, classic sitcoms, and Disney Plus original content.

Disney Plus costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. However, some can’t afford it and want to watch Disney Plus without having to break the bank. Here are a some of the most popular tricks & techniques how to get Disney Plus for free.

Is Disney Plus free with a trial?

When Disney Plus first launched, the streaming service had a weeklong free trial. However, in 2020, Disney Plus discontinued the free trial. New subscribers can no longer get a few days to test out the service before cancelling. 

Now, users have to pay right away when signing up for Disney Plus. There are a few countries where free trials are available, but for the most part people don’t have any luck with this former way to get Disney Plus for free.

Ask a friend or family member

One potential way to get Disney Plus for free is by asking a friend, family member, or someone else for the email & password to the account. By logging into the account of someone else, you won’t have to pay at all.

Some people might be willing to let those they know enjoy their Disney Plus account, so asking around is worth a try.

There’s also a feature on the Disney Plus website that allows gifting yearlong subscriptions to the streaming platform. Consider asking for a Disney Plus subscription for an upcoming birthday or holiday.

Is Disney Plus free with my phone plan?

Some mobile phone carriers offer Disney Plus for free as a perk for customers, for example US Mobile. US Mobile offers free Disney Plus bundled with Hulu & ESPN+ for those who sign up for at least three phone lines. To take advantage of the offer, just sign up for three unlimited lines. After signing up for the lines, there will be an option to choose from a variety of perks US Mobile offers, and one is free Disney Plus.

Verizon’s Play More and Get More customers can also get free Disney Plus. Those who have the Play More and Get More unlimited plan or want to sign up have until Feb. 28th to get a free Disney Plus bundle with that service.

Is Disney Plus free for Xbox users?

Those who have an Xbox and want free Disney Plus are in for a treat. With the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, customers can get Disney Plus free for a whole month.

The offer is only available to new Disney Plus users, and the deal must be redeemed by Mar. 2.

Is Disney Plus free for Disney employees?

For those who really want free Disney Plus and are also in need of a job, consider working at one of the Disney parks! Disneyland or Disney World employees can get the streaming service for free.

Disney park employees have a tough decision to make, though. One perk of being a Disney park employee is getting park tickets for family & friends. However, they can give up that benefit if they would rather have a Disney Plus bundle with Hulu & ESPN+.

Disney park employees have to choose between the two. Choices, choices.

Is Disney Plus free with the TV bundle?

Another way to get Disney Plus for free is by bundling the service with Hulu & ESPN+. Disney Plus offers a bundle with the other two services for just $12.99 a month. 

Since Disney Plus costs $6.99 on its own, a basic Hulu package costs $5.99 a month, and ESPN+ costs $5.99 a month, the bundle is essentially like getting one of them for free.

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