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Having a strong Instagram presence can be great for directors’ unique marketing needs, but can buying Instagram followers from the UK help even further?

Should Film Directors Buy Instagram Followers in the UK?

Having a strong Instagram presence can be great for filmmakers’ and directors’ unique marketing needs, but can buying Instagram followers from the UK help even further?

Film directors have one of the most complex jobs in the realm of creative professionals and artists. After working with actors and actresses on set, interpreting scripts, meeting with casting directors, sound departments, and editors, putting extra energy into maintaining their online presence isn’t exactly easy. But unfortunately, in today’s ever-changing online world, it is absolutely necessary. 

Instagram is the best platform that film directors can use to reach audiences from around the world. The unique options that this app gives Instagram users to easily share visually striking videos and photos, put Instagram at the top of the list of useful marketing platforms.

And the massive number of people that use Instagram each day (1 billion), only makes it that much more beneficial for promoting films. So there’s no question that promoting their films on Instagram is almost essential for directors today. But what about buying active followers?

Is it beneficial for film directors to buy active Instagram followers in the UK?

Buying social media followers is a popular social media marketing strategy, as the news broke out that a surprising number of celebrities and big-time influencers buy followers to boost their Instagram profile.

But why? Is it a good idea or a bad idea to buy Instagram followers from the United Kingdom and is it something that film directors should consider doing?

What directors can expect, long term and short term, when they buy Instagram followers UK

Buying fans and likes isn’t for everyone. For some, buying followers is just too inauthentic. And that’s understandable. For starters, Instagram routinely cleans out fake accounts, and it’s generally recognized that buying followers for your Instagram account is technically “cheating”.

So for those that are keen on keeping their following small and 100% authentic, purchasing followers probably won’t be on their radar.

But for those that understand just how important reaching the right audience can be, the act of buying followers for your Instagram account isn’t such a big deal. 

When you buy real Instagram followers, from a respectable and legitimate website (like those listed in this blog post:, you are essentially buying a spot on the biggest stage in the world. If you have a tiny number of followers, the odds of someone taking your content seriously are pretty measly.

As frustrating as it may be, a high number of followers will buy you that ticket to center stage and it will show people that the content you are sharing is well worth their while.

So ultimately, adding a few hundred or a thousand fake followers to your account will undoubtedly attract more attention than you were receiving beforehand. 

Just be sure that if you do buy real followers, you do it at a nice slow pace. Otherwise, people might find your sudden spike in followers a little suspicious. One risk that comes with purchasing Instagram followers, is that if done incorrectly, it could do irreplaceable damage to your reputation. And in the world of film and social media, your reputation is gold. 

When a director decides to purchase fake Instagram followers, they can expect to see immediate and long-term growth in overall organic followers and an increase in interest from those followers. Even a director working with a smaller budget can still buy Instagram followers cheap and experience social media success.

And when the goal is to show the world your latest production, a larger audience seems pretty ideal to me. Even if there are some fake accounts mixed around in the bunch. The more eyes on your content, the more chances there are that the right people will discover it, and share it with their world. 

So should directors be buying Instagram followers in the UK or not?

There really is no one correct answer for everyone. However, if it helps, you can keep this in mind. If you already have a sizeable following, then it might not be worth it to buy Instagram followers UK.

On the other hand, if you’re just getting started and have under 5K followers, it could be a great investment.

It all depends on how badly you need to branch out and grow your audience. Purchasing followers in the UK won’t solve all your problems overnight. In order to keep up with fast-moving trends, you’ll still have to devote your precious time to your audience on Instagram, whether that audience is purchased or not.

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