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The first trailer for Amazon's upcoming 'Cinderella' musical has been released. Join in on the fun as Twitter rips the casting to shreds.

Perfect casting? Watch the ‘Cinderella’ trailer and see for yourself

The story of Cinderella seems to have been around as long as there have been fairytales. We know how it goes by this point. The wicked stepmother, the cruel stepsisters, a young & virtuous woman forced into servitude, a fairy godmother, a prince, and a shoe left behind at the stroke of midnight. Inevitably, it all ends in a happily-ever-after sort of scenario.


The story has been adapted so many times over the years. The latest one is an Amazon movie starring Camila Cabello as the titular Cinderella with a cast of Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, and Pierce Brosnan backing her up. The first trailer for the movie was released. Naturally, people had some thoughts about whether this jukebox Cinderella was something that they wanted to see. Perfect casting? Or no thanks? 

Let’s take a look at the reactions on Twitter.


No one can beat it

This one remains the best. 


So she’s a seamstress #girlboss now?

There is a story about getting out of an abusive situation here, you know? But, sure, girlboss Ella or whatever.



Apparently, some don’t like the casting of Cinderella.


It keeps happening!

If there’s a fairytale movie casting, then does James Corden just . . . show up and not leave? 


She did that?

Some have good reasons not to want to see the movie.


No one seems excited

Pretty freaking annoying.


*screams into hands*

We gotta stay strong through the trials.


There’s no weird eldritch horror so we don’t think it’s Riverdale

Well, they had to do something.


We’re all in hell, thanks for asking




Pretty much the reaction from the Internet.

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