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CHILI, the European TVOD (transactional video on demand) streaming service you’ve never heard of, is about to take the UK streaming market by storm.

Does the future of UK TVOD lie in the hands of new kid on the block CHILI?

CHILI, the European streaming service you’ve never heard of, is about to take the UK streaming market by storm.

Already a massive hit in its home country of Italy, the service has already expanded into Germany, Poland, and Austria, now it’s coming for all you limey bingewatchers to enjoy.

I know what you’re thinking: “Not another freaking monthly subscription to pay!” Here’s the great thing: CHILI follows a TVOD (transactional video on demand) model, meaning you only pay when you want to watch.

With days getting shorter and the climate getting colder in the UK, now’s the perfect time to hunker down and watch some great content. Currently you can enjoy shows from US networks like HBO, Fox, and FX, as well as the best new movies from Disney and many more.

CHILI already has an impressive selection of current content on offer, and it’s growing quickly. It’s the perfect place to get your eyes on that new blockbuster movie you want to watch NOW or that HBO show you’ve been reading about.

How you bingewatch is totally up to you. The service is compatible with iOS & Android, and available on Google Chromecast, Smart TVs, or your trusty laptop. If you’re a total Luddite who likes to keep things old school, CHILI also offers DVD, Blu-rays, and UHD 4K Blu-rays.

If you loved the movie you just watched and want to wear your fandom on your sleeve, just head over to their fully stocked e-commerce store and grab the latest Star Wars, Marvel, or cult movie tee, mug, hoody, or game.

We were stoked to sit down with CEO Giorgio Tacchia to chat about CHILI’s expansion into the UK market.

FD: How many subscribers do you have in Italy?

GZ: In Italy we have 1.5 million registered users. CHILI doesn’t need a subscription option; all the content is pay-per-view.

FD: What share of the market are you hoping to gain in the UK?

GZ: Between 5% and 10% by 2020.

FD: What was the idea behind CHILI?

GZ: Founded in 2012 as a streaming platform, CHILI has become an entertainment marketplace, a unique destination for movie lovers to find that latest movie release along with DVDs, Blu-rays, cinema tickets, and merchandising all in one place.

FD: What do you hope to add to the streaming environment?

GZ: We want to become the only option for movie lovers to watch the newest releases in the comfort of their own homes.

FD: How many users are you aiming for in the UK?

GZ: Four million users by 2022.

FD: What movies should we be getting excited for in 2018?

GZ: It’s hard to choose the most exciting film. CHILI offers the biggest blockbusters as well as indie movies.

FD: What can customers expect to pay to use your service?

GZ: Zero! CHILI doesn’t have a subscription fee. You only pay for the content you watch. Prices are around £9.99 for a blockbuster movie and £13.99 for a limited series.

If this whets your appetite to try out the service, get hyped to hear you get your first watch for free. Call the pizza delivery guy, get on your PJs, and head over to CHILI to bingewatch Sharp Objects, The Americans, or Westworld tonight.

Or, if you fancy a blockbuster movie with that at-home experience (replete with hot pizza rolls from the oven perhaps), choose from new releases such as Deadpool 2, the Travolta-helmed Gotti, or Marvel allstar hit Avengers Infinity War.

Whatever you watch, make sure you make that epic first choice free offer work for you. Try CHILI out for free now.

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