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Let's a look at some casinos where movies have been filmed so you can plan your next getaway to a thrilling one featured in box office hits.

Casinos from the movies you can actually visit

Over the years, there have been many movies produced that were either set in a casino or provided exciting casino and gambling themes. Viewers always love to see their favorite actors taking part in exciting gambling activities and those who love to play casino games will be curious to know which of the featured casinos can actually be visited. Luckily, many of the casino-themed movies that have been released have actually been filmed at land casino locations!

In Vegas, there are many amazing casinos that are located on the Strip, each with history and known for offering the most exciting forms of gambling in the world. Not only are the gaming floors packed with action, but the buildings themselves are things of art, which is why many of these casinos have been the chosen sites for movie shoots.

Below, we take a look at some of the casinos where movies have been filmed so you can plan your next getaway to a thrilling casino that has been featured in box office hits.

The Mirage

This casino, featured in Vegas Vacation back in 1997, is one of the top Vegas destinations for gamblers. The film, starring Chevy Chase, revolves partly around his character developing a love for gambling while visiting The Mirage. This casino has been open in Vegas for many years and features a stunning hotel with 3,000 rooms. With a massive gaming floor and thousands of gaming options, this casino remains a popular choice for anyone visiting Vegas.

The Bellagio

This is perhaps one of the most recognized names in Vegas, especially for poker players. The casino was featured in Ocean’s Eleven, in which a band of thieves pull off a casino heist. The Bellagio offers a taste of luxury and has an Italian theme. The beauty of the building is breathtaking and the casino is best known for the Fountains of Bellagio.

Caesar’s Palace

This is another well-known destination in Vegas, featured in The Hangover in 2009. Caesar’s Palace is located in Paradise, Nevada on the west side of the Vegas Strip. For more than 51 years, this casino resort has been attracting gamblers from around the world and offers an incredible gaming experience as well as some of the most luxurious hotel rooms in all of Vegas.

Planet Hollywood Casino

If you are a blackjack fan, Planet Hollywood Casino will have your attention, as it was the site of the movie 21. In the film, a group of MIT students take on Vegas to use their card-counting skills at the blackjack tables. The casino itself has many gaming tables as well as hundreds of slot machines to provide you with the ultimate gambling experience. While it is one of the newer Vegas casinos, it has already been placed at the top of the list for visitors, especially those who are fans of gambling-themed movies.

Vegas is home to some of the best casinos in the world, but not all gambling films have been based there. There have also been movies that were filmed in Atlantic City and Dubai, both of which are known to offer some of the most thrilling gambling experiences in the world.

While you may not have the finances to plan a trip to these movie locations, you can engage in the same type of gambling thrills at trusted and reliable online casinos where you can engage in the same types of games you’ve seen on film.

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