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Many fans are speculating that Justin Bieber may be fed up with wifey. Will the "I Don't Care" singer divorce his wife Hailey soon? Let's hope not!

Here are the best videos ever to download from YouTube

No matter how many new video format networks pop, YouTube will never lose its place in our hearts. Honestly, youtube holds everything, a historic archive of humanity, free movies, movies to rent, music videos, vlogs, tutorials, karaoke songs, workouts, etc. There are useful videos for all kinds of matters and personalities, which is why choosing the best ones to download is a hard duty. 

If you’re going to spend some days without the internet and want to provide yourself with something to watch or entertain yourself, YouTube videos are a great choice. While several streaming platforms like Netflix or Mubi offer the ability to temporarily download chapters of movies, YouTube offers different content. If you don’t know what to download, here’s a list of  the most watched YouTube videos in history. 

Yet, always keep in mind that you should download whatever truly serves you, more than the most watched contents. Anyway, here’s a list of great YouTube videos that will certainly keep you entertained and even a little nostalgic. As we mentioned, the range of content that YouTube has to offer is way too extensive, which is why we’ll limit ourselves to the most viewed music videos. 

“Waka Waka” by Shakira

We bet you already know Shakira’s latest song with Bzarap productions even if you haven’t listened attentively. Although her marriage with football player Gerard Piqué is more than over, Shakira’s song “Waka Waka” is where it all started, and is to date one of the most watched videos on YouTube. Twelve years have gone by since South Africa’s world cup, yet, in 2022 the video topped three billion views. 

You might like Shakira or hate her music, yet, the girl has shown that she knows how to become viral no matter what it takes. More than a decade has gone by since her hip movements were what provided her fame, nonetheless, her latest song is now one of the most listened to on TikTok! In ten years an article like this one will be written on TikTok and her name will definitely be there. 

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee

Another song that was listened to all time was Despacito by Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee. Its music video on YouTube is in the first ten most reproduced videos.  Currently, the video holds 4,252,721 comments and has 8,083,937,313 views. Is this a signal to the world that simply no one can escape latin rhythm? Bad Bunny’s new album somehow affirms this situation. 

However, if it comes to downloading music, we highly recommend you to do so on other platforms. Despacito was a great hit, but honestly, its music video isn’t a particular jewel, which is why we recommend you download any other Bad Bunny’s video. 

“El Apagón” by Bad Bunny 

A word watching video just to close with this Latin fire, is Bad Bunny’s “El Apagon”. More than being a musical video for one of his songs, this is a short documentary regarding what being Latin (and Puerto Rican, specifically) means. 

Currently, the video has 12,575,998 views, and hopefully it gets to more people each time. It’s impressive for a pop star like Bad Bunny to be willing to point out political situations regarding colonization  and being Latin. 

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Lets normalize having friends coming around to eat snacks and watch old nostalgic music videos. Honestly, Justin Bieber has several music video masterpieces that can awaken nostalgia & fun in equal parts just like “Baby”.  

We all definitely wanted to be the girl of his music videos, yet, Bieber’s most watched youtube music video is “Sorry”. The video popped in 2015, which means almost ten years have gone by since. To date, the video has  a staggering 3,629,177,440 views. How many times have you watched it?

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