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Since the 1970s, smoking films have established their market. Here are the 5 best smoking films of all time you should watch now.

The 5 Best Smoking Films of all time

Since the 1970s, smoking films have established their market. Some of these movies may not make a person stop smoking. However, some smoking films leave the audience thinking about their triggers. 

On the other hand, some people have argued that smoking in films acts as a prop. That means they act as magnets for teens or younger audiences. As such, whenever Leonardo DiCaprio is featured in a movie taking a drag, another child gets closer to starting smoking. 

Essentially, companies that manufacture smoking products like the best 510 thread battery for cartridges could be sponsoring films so that they can use the opportunity to do their marketing. That’s why some people have always campaigned against the inclusion of smoking scenes in movies. 

Nevertheless, several movies that feature smoking have continued to be released. While smoking may not be rampant in the latest films, some actors and actresses are seen vaping. That’s because companies that manufacture products like 510 thread battery (vapingdaily presents the full list)  have played a role in their production. Here are some of the best smoking films that any smoker or vaper should watch. 

1. Cabin Boy

Although marijuana doesn’t have nicotine, research has shown that it has negative effects on the health of a person. For instance, smoking marijuana spreads the attention span. As such, a person without a watchful eye might wonder what time the Cabin Boy was set in. This is a 1994’s film with a Manifest Destiny spirit. 

However, it also features the 40oz’s and limousines. Blinking your eyes once reveals the real seaside port. Keeping track can be hard. But, it does not matter when a person gets lost in a wacky world from Chris Elliott’s mind. 

Cabin Boy is romp filled and silly with rapid-fire jokes. He adheres to the sensibility of Adult Swim that leans on the early 90’s jokes. The film has visually striking production design and cinematography. These include fun miniatures usage. The thumbprint of Tim Burton is all over this film, although he chose to direct Ed Wood rather than this. 

Cabin Boy is the film to watch if you want to see Russ Tamblyn playing the shark person while David Letterman sells sock puppets. It’s a perfect film to watch when using a device like the best 510 vape pen in the comfort of your study or living room. 

2. Inherent Vice 

One of the best ideas you can ever have is to watch Inherent Vice while getting high. This is the film to watch when you want to laugh at Steve Marin or with Seth Rogen when soaring. Sometimes, you want to rock your head. This film is a perfect, transcendent cinematic sojourn. It’s a 21st-century pilgrimage to cinephilia that will bend your brain to a point where you feel like you are just riding on something stronger than marijuana. 

There is no scene in this film that is fascinating, and no point is the audience sure of what is happening. Watching this film lets the audience know that they should get spun violently in circles by a narrative that it becomes more concerning if they come out claiming they did not have questions. 

Every image of this film has a sublime look. Different textures and tones are weighed by Paul Thomas Anderson against each other with fantastic brilliance when screen testing for the film. With the progression of his career, he has mastered the art of choosing rich and lush images. The screen testing process enables him to select the right pictures and fit them together with the help of Robert Elswit, a cinematographer. 

This film captures the 1970’s free love spirit, which was rotting with adoration for the eclectic characters and strangest corners. Just like using a 510 thread vape pen, this film has an added feeling of using lead to light up. 

3. Koyaanisqatsi

This is a 1982 smoking film from Godfrey Reggio. The name of this film translates to “Life out of Balance”. It’s mesmerizing to watch even when stone-cold sober. Now you can imagine watching it when smoking. 

The blend of sounds and sights are just amazing. This film has an excellent combination of cinematography, music, and the human condition. It’s a perfect film to watch when stoned or when getting high. 

And, this film is full of real meaning in its carefully curated images. It is a smoking film that you are bound to love. It allows all human senses to easily overload via a pulsating sound-scape that is scored by Philip Glass, an acclaimed composer. If you’ve not watched this film, it should be on your list this year. 

4. Friday

Before this film was released, people thought that Ice Cube was a socially-conscious gangsta rapper and a villainous actor. Most people realized that he could write a comedy and star in it too after this movie was released. Any smoker will laugh their heart out when using the best 510 battery vaping device while watching it. 

This film is about two unemployed smokers that spend most of their days getting high as they prepare for fights. Chris Tucker and Cube’s performances make this film unique. The humor in this smoking film is crass. 

However, this movie does not depend on drug gags to crack jokes by any means. Friday is a well-rounded comedy film that every smoker is bound to love. 

5. The Night Before 

Anybody looking for the best 510 thread vape pen in the market should also check out this film. It is a perfect holiday movie to watch when smoking. It’s about three friends that are celebrating their final holiday night shenanigans before they submit to adulthood. During the initial run, many people overlooked this film. Perhaps, that’s because of the collective exhaustion of Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

This film exhibits an excellent dynamic in the relationship between these three leads, particularly Anthony Mackie and his comic, as well as Seth Rogen doing what he does best. Michael Shannon comes as a scene-stealing character among the three high school marijuana dealers. 

Mr.Green, on the other hand, might not possess mystical powers or come out as filthy rich. Nevertheless, this smoking film hangs its fuzzy and warm heart on its sleeve. 

The Bottom Line

Advertising smoking products on television may have been banned, but companies that manufacture vaping products like the best 510 thread batteries are promoting them in films. Nevertheless, these films are great for smokers and vapers to watch because they can identify with them. 

However, anti-smoking campaigners are uncomfortable with these films because they see them as just a tricky method for promoting tobacco products.

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