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It’s no surprise that the thrill of casinos has influenced TV for years. These top gambling scenes in TV have us on the edge of our seats.

You don’t need luck to find these: All the best gambling TV scenes

Gambling is definitely an entertaining vice. Getting the rush when you are dealt your first hand in blackjack, or slamming the spin button on the slot machine. Even online casinos like still offer the thrill of the game, from the comfort of your home. 

It’s no surprise that the thrill of casinos has influenced TV for years. The thrill of taking down the dealer and hitting the jackpot feels great, whether it’s you doing it, or it’s a protagonist on TV. So if you’re missing the thrill of the casino, these top gambling scenes in TV have us on the edge of our seats. 

The Simpsons

Anyone who’s surprised at this point by something The Simpsons have covered clearly has learned nothing from the vast variety of predictions come true from the animated comedy. But that’s besides the point. 

Springfield needs a little bit of economic help, and the mention of legalized gambling comes up. Losing their minds over the idea of getting to gamble at a local casino, the town agrees with the idea. Though the economic benefits will definitely matter. 

Better Call Saul

You don’t mess with the grannies at bingo. If you’ve never been to a bingo game where you pay to play, you’ve never truly played bingo. It’s clear that Jimmy is losing his mind, but none of these ladies want it.

“Excuse me sir, are you gonna read out the number or what?” That’s the kind of attitude these ladies have during bingo. Save your mental breakdown for later. 


Friends may be old school, but occasionally, the sitcom has its moments. Most of those moments being ones with Lisa Kudrow. In the season five finale where the gang ends up in Vegas, Phoebe ends up with a lurking granny bothered because Pheebs took her machine. 

But jokes on her, because when she thinks she stole the granny’s luck and won herself a jackpot, the woman plays the “sweet old lady” card and gets Phoebe kicked out of the casino. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Who wants to see Stephen Hawking, Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Data go head to head in a little three card monty? Anyone who’s an avid TNG fan knows Data has his card school to pass the time. 

But using holograms to put three of the greatest scientific minds against each other? That’s next level. Plus, the story behind Stephen Hawking getting a role on TNG for being a huge Trekkie is really touching. 


Las Vegas

Ok, we’re cheating here as this is an entire series. But the long-running dramedy about the life of working at a Vegas casino naturally has plenty of great gambling scenes. With the show focused on the surveillance team at the casino, we saw all the best hacks, as well as some way too obvious cheaters over the years at the fictional casino. 

But when you have a team like Ed Deline’s working security, it’s hard for anything to walk past them without being tagged.

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