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Looking for tense movie experiences? Check out the best gambling movies that are currently streaming on Netflix.

5 gambling flicks you haven’t yet watched on Netflix

Are you looking to refresh your Netflix queue this weekend but can’t find anything interesting to watch? There is always the gambling theme to turn to for exciting thrillers. It is rare to find a dull movie about gambling. The characters’ risk-it-all attitude, the deceptions, tension at the table, and turn around the underdog’s luck combine to make exciting thrillers. If you have an itch to gamble yourself, be sure to visit 50 darmowych spinów bez depozytu.

You have likely watched the usual favorites. The Ocean’s 11 series, 21, Rounders, and Casino Royale are among the most-watched gambling movies.  But there are many more gambler movies you can find on Netflix.  Here are a few that you may have missed and can add to your queue for the next Netflix binge.


Before the 1940s, Las Vegas was just another remote outpost struggling to survive in Nevada’s sprawling arid landscape.  That was until shady characters saw an opportunity to turn it into ‘Sin City.’ A place where hedonism ruled, and whatever happened there stays there.

One of these shady characters was Bugsy Siegel. He played a big part in making the Las Vegas strip into a gambler’s haven.  This movie traces this gangster’s life, his dealing in Las Vegas, until he died in California. 


How is the life of a casino dealer (croupier)? Many movies revolve around the characters of players, their fortunes, and misfortunes. This movie has a different perspective and seeks to tell the life of the oft-ignored croupier.

It is not a story about high rolling and stacks of chips. The movie shows the dark side of the gambling world.  The croupiers are lowly paid, work long hours, and often exploited. It will make you feel better when going through your NJ online casino list, knowing your game is not part of this sad tale. 

Molly’s Game

This movie is the story of ‘Hollywood’s poker princess.’ It is a real-life story of Molly Bloom based on her book, Molly’s Game: The True Story of the 26-Year-Old Woman Behind the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World.

Molly Bloom was a 26-year-old who had it all and lost it all. She set up an illegal high stakes poker game that had who’s who on its invitation list.  Her illegal poker game moved millions of dollars. The players were politicians, celebrities, and influential business people.  In the end, her fall was as spectacular as her rise. 

Mississippi Grind

Gamblers call playing for a living as doing the grind.  This movie is about two down-on-their-luck gamblers with a dream to make it big in Mississippi and Louisiana. It is a road trip with mixed fortunes where friendship is severely tested. It is an emotional rollercoaster but hilarious.

The Gambler

This movie is a depiction of the sad depths that one can sink to because of irresponsible gambling.  It follows the misfortunes of a brilliant professor trapped in gambling debt.  His life is on the line as he is caught between a loan shark and a ruthless casino owner.

Can you only imagine how grateful he would have been if the casinos in the movie would have had the same regulations as the real money casinos on this link needs? Not only would he have been able to set up casino limits, but he would also have had better odds on his side.

The professor gets one last chance to redeem himself thanks to one of his students who work part-time in the casino. The movie is gripping and full of tension as it follows the character’s attempts to get himself out of the jam. The viewer is left wondering whether to pity the character or get angry with him and let him have his due. 

What is on your Netflix queue this weekend? While you can watch reruns of your favorites, why not add something new to your list? These five movies will surely add some excitement to your weekend. You might even pick a few useful tips for your next game.

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