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It is undeniable that horse racing, real money gambling, and slot machine games have lots of exciting stories. Here's the best gambling books.

Best gambling books: The ones you need to Study in 2020

Gambling books may not be a part of book awards. It is undeniable that horse racing, real money gambling, and slot machine games have lots of exciting stories. Instead of reading books, people are interested in

Remember, there is no super system to win each game of casino. It is a game of chance, and players get equal chances of winning and losing. If you want to learn more about the games, you can read a mix of strategy books and fictional stories. Here are some famous books for gamblers.

Complete Guide to Gambling by Scarne

John Scarne is a famous gambling hero, and he wrote this exciting book. This book has lots of exciting stuff for beginners. If you need guidance on live casinos and online gambling, you can buy this book.

The gambling book includes rules and history of famous casino games, gambling mats, and cheats. It is a type of encyclopedia for avid gamblers. Several anecdotal versions of fictional and real events are included in this book. No doubt, it will be fun to read this book.

Beating the Casinos at Their Own Games

Peter Svoboda is an excellent source of in-depth information on gambling. It looks cool and glossy with colorful illustrations. For new and old gamblers, it can be a suitable gambling book. This book is written for amateurs with amazing text about gambling.

You can read about different games. This book starts with simple words on how to participate in each game and win them. The book is handy to cover essential aspects of card and table games.

The Professor, the Suicide King, and the Banker

Michael Craig has written an exciting book to understand the poker game. This book can take you into the adventurous world of poker and casino. The book sets the glamour and glitz of Las Vegas.

It unfolds different events around poker games. In the story, you will learn about professional poker players in casinos of Vegas, such as banking guru and real estate of America “Andrew Beal”. With intrigues, huge bankrolls, and characters, it is a fantastic gambling novel.

Roll the Bones

The exciting stories of this book are from the real-life experience of the writer, David G. Schwartz. You may not like to choose your betting strategies from these stories. This book has excellent work of Schwartz to recreate the history and origins of the famous card and gambling games.

This book has stories of famous gamblers fro, this history. You can read about Voltaire, a writer from France. He figured out winning tricks of a lottery in the 18th century. Voltaire won almost 9 million with special tricks.

Moreover, Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s story is also remarkable. He is the well-known writer who destroyed at the casino (in-house) of the Baden-Baden.

Another considerable book is Lay the Favorite by Beth Raymer. The author allows the reader to discover the gambling and sports betting of the underworlds. Through this book, you can learn about the social aspects of betting.

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