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FD staff picks: Best Xmas films

The best Xmas films of all time: From the American classic 'A Christmas Story' to 'It's a Wonderful Life', featuring a charming performance by James Stewart in the lead.

FD staff picks: Best Xmas films

We here at Film Daily wish you the very happiest of holidays. While you’re digging into your presents, Christmas crackers*, and whatever existential dread decides to visit you this season, we thought we’d open up a bit. See, we’re serious Christmas addicts. More specifically, we’re Christmas film addicts. We’ve consumed Love Actually twenty times. We’ve watched Die Hard so much that we could power the Large Hadron Collider with the viewings. There’s also a third thing but we forgot what.

Anyways, as you’re curled up with a cup of cocoa, you might be wondering exactly what our fav films are. Have no fear, for this listicle is here. Maybe you’re also in the mood for some bold Christmas-flavored filmmaking. We thought we’d put a spell on you with our picks for the best Xmas films of all time – ever ever ever!

* Ed. note: For us non-Brits, these are those cardboard things you pull apart and they pop with a speck of gunpowder. Apparently they give ‘em out during Xmas there.

Daisy: White Christmas (1954)

An absolute American classic. With Bing Crosby (High Society) and Vera-Ellen (On the Town) in the cast, this World War II-set musical romcom is a block of complete delight for you to guzzle down. Like taking a bite out of a whole chunk of buttery toast: scrumptious to the last taste. This Christmas film is packed full of snow and trees and songs that make your heart swoon with every beat.

A real treat that’s filled with genuine joy for everyone in the family. Daisy even reports, “I’m hypnotized by Vera-Ellen’s waist”, whatever that means. If you just want something cheery this holiday season, crack open this vintage yet ever-fresh Christmas flick.

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