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'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' is almost here. Find out where to stream the new Marvels movie Doctor Strange 2 online for free.

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Watch full movie Doctor Strange 2 in the Multiverse of Madness will be available to watch online streaming free on Netflix very soon! So whether you want to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on your laptop, phone, or tablet, you’ll be able to enjoy the movie just about anywhere.

Free Streaming Link To Watch ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Full Movie

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is almost here, set to hit theaters on May 6th, 2022. Clocking in at a brisk 2 hours 6 minutes, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring magical superhero romp is directed by the legendary Sam Raimi, with a script by Loki’s Michael Waldron. We’re excited to see the return of characters we love like Strange, Wong, and Wanda Maximoff, as well as meet characters we will love in the future like America Chavez.

The bad news is that it’s still a tricky time for many people to go to theaters. So the next question to ask is whether Doctor Strange 2 will be on the Disney+ streaming service, and if so, when? While no formal announcement has been made as to when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will arrive on Disney+, we can hazard a very good guess based on the studio’s track record.

When is Doctor Strange 2 out?

Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness will hit theaters on May 6, 2022 and like many recent movies and like many recent movies, it’s getting a wide release so you can watch it in-person. 

Where to Watch Doctor Strange 2 Online?

Doctor Strange 2 is currently a theatrical exclusive, meaning that if you want to watch the comedy movie for yourself, it is time to head to your local cineplex and start booking tickets. The movie is out now in UK cinemas, and is set to hit the US on May 6. That’s right; the wait is almost over, MCU fans!

The good news is that this date is also unlikely to change. Doctor Strange 2’s development has been pretty much reliable considering that the film was shot during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Since it was first announced in 2021, the sequel hasn’t suffered any major delays. So we can all relax knowing that Motion Pictures will bring back Sonic on time.

doctor strange 2 free

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Story

Without giving too much away about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ story, what we do know is that it takes place after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which Doctor Strange helped Peter Parker deal with a multiversal problem.

This along with Loki, introduced the concept of the multiverse into the MCU, but Multiverse of Madness is set to blow things wide open.

As the chief wizard of all things strange and mystical on Earth, it makes sense that Doctor Strange is the character best equipped to deal with these multiverse problems in the new film. Where things go from there is anyone’s guess, but expect multiverse to be a word you hear a lot of in the MCU moving forward.

The film was originally intended to be straight up horror. Having seen the film, we can confirm this film definitely brings the horror vibes into the MCU. If you want to read more (without spoilers) check out our review. 

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ runtime clocks in at 2 hours and six minutes, making it one of the shorter Marvel Studios films.

Doctor Stranger: Multiverse of Madness 2022 Rating, Runtime, Cast, Description

The runtime for Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is 2 hours and 6 minutes, and the film has a PG-13 rating. Directed by  Sam Raimi (of original Spider-Man fame), the film features several returning actors reprising their roles, including Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange, alongside Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Xochitl Gomez, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Rachel McAdams.

The film follows Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange grappling with the fallout from Spider-Man: No Way Home. After casting a spell that opens up a doorway into the multiverse, a threat is unleashed that is far too great for him to handle on his own. Together with Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch), Wong, and dimension-hopping hero America Chavez, he traverses the multiverse and must face off against a secret organization known as the Illuminati for his crimes against bending reality.

What To Expect In Doctor Strange 2

Marvel Studios haven’t technically leaked any spoilers or footage just yet, and nothing is truly confirmed by an official spokesperson for Marvel in regards to its villains and plot. However, we do know that according to Marvel Studios Director Kevin Feige, that Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2 are somehow linked.

 And as there are rumours that we’ll be seeing an upcoming Spider-Verse, including a cameo from Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, it’s believed that the Doctor Strange sequel will be an integral film to the entire 4th phase of The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The first Doctor Strange film was released in 2016, where we saw Doctor Strange use his powers to trap Dormammu from the dark dimension in an infinite time-loop making him his prisoner after he “refused Strage’s bargain”. 

Since then we’ve seen Benedict Cumberbatch appear as Stephen Strange three more times including a cameo role in Thor 3: Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War in which he uses the Eye of Agamotto to see the only winning outcome against Thanos, and Avengers Endgame in which he basically teleports the entire Wakandan Army across the globe to fight Thanos!

He is no doubt a truly epic character in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, so people can’t believe they’ve had to wait 6 years to see him in his very own sequel.

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