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Here are some movie options to fill the evening with your girlfriend in just the right way to keep the vibes good and sparks flying.

10 Cool upcoming movies to watch with your girlfriend

What movie to watch with a girl in the evening? A comedy or horror? Let’s say you like each other, but you still experience some timidity in the relationship. To begin with, we set aside vulgarity and rudeness. Suppose your girlfriend is intelligent, modest, beautiful, and erudite. In addition, she’s well brought up.

Forget about stupid, vulgar films: they will not help to make a good impression – they’ll just push her away. So here are some options to fill the evening in just the right way to keep the vibes good and sparks flying.

#1: Mary Poppins Returns

Adults Jane and Michael Banks are going through hard times. A crisis reigns in the country and on top of that the hero’s wife dies, leaving three children in his care. The most famous nanny and Lady Perfection always comes at the right moment. Mary Poppins returns and brings joy & happiness to the Banks family again.

Younger family members who have recently suffered a heavy loss will have to get acquainted with the unusual characters, namely lamplighter Jack and cousin Mary Topsy Turvy, as well as experience the unique magical abilities of Miss Poppins.

#2 Alita: Battle Angel

The action takes place 300 years after the Great War in the 26th century. Dr. Ido finds the remains of a female cyborg. After the repair, the cyborg remembers nothing but discovers she is able to use cyborg combat techniques. The search for lost memories begins.

#3 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Once upon a time, the Vikings lived in harmony with dragons. In those days, they shared joy, grief, and all the things they had. It seemed that it would always be like that, but the appearance of the mysterious Day Furia changed the life of the island. Now Hiccup and Toothless face a ruthless dragon hunter, eager to destroy everything that is important for them.

#4 Captain Marvel

Ordinary female pilot Carol Danvers gains superhuman strength, speed, and endurance after a collision with a warrior from an alien race. She meets the future head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and learns to manage her abilities to protect the Earth from powerful invaders.

#5 Swiadek

The focus is on the story of a girl plagued by various doubts. As a result, life colors become gray, and are no longer as dynamic as before.

#6 Mary Queen of Scots

The plot is dedicated to the history of family rivalry between Elizabeth I and Maria Stewart, the last Catholic queen of Scotland. The queen tried to dethrone her cousin from the English throne, but only condemned herself to years of imprisonment, and then presented herself to execution.

#6 Benchwarmers 2

This flick starts with a professional and very talented player of the highest league named Ben getting into a strange car accident and having a serious injury. Luckily, it’s not fatal, and doesn’t affect his general motor ability long-term.

However, he will never be able to play baseball at the level to which he is accustomed. As a real athlete used to setting big goals and always achieving them, Ben approaches business with great enthusiasm, and there is no doubt that after a while, he will make real pros out of his charges.

#7 A Dog’s Way Home

The storyline is about a dog that ran 400 miles in search of its owner. On the way, the dog got into various adventures and made many interesting discoveries.

#8 Mid90s

Los Angeles, 1990s. 13-year-old Steven should think about the future but instead prefers to skate and hang out with friends. The actions occur on the streets of the city. Steven will receive the first lessons of life and find himself.

#9 Vice

The plot of this biopic is dedicated to one of the most powerful and influential politicians in the history of America.

Before the beginning of his political career, Dick Cheney proved to be not the best. The young man evaded conscription, was convicted twice for driving while intoxicated, and he constantly had serious problems with his studies, thanks to which he was expelled from Yale University.

However, thinking about his future life, he forced himself to change completely, settled down, received a degree in his home state of Wyoming, and soon became an active member of the team of President Richard Nixon.

#10 The Rosie Project

This picture will tell, first of all, about family values. Perhaps viewers will not be deprived of the excellent opportunity to watch the importance of the fantastic motifs that adorn this kind of story.

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