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Are you looking for a way to watch YouTube with no strings attached? Check out the YouTube Vanced app for Android that gives you complete freedom.

New YouTube App with extensive features you want

People are often tired of using the same old YouTube app. Although the app itself is good, there are some of the features that are still unavailable to users to this day. Users desire an extensive set of features from the company but end up getting the same old features with every upgrade. 

If you are also looking for a similar app that has some extra features, we have just the thing for you. Our YouTube Vanced Tuber app has an ample set of features, not previously available in the renowned streaming app. That’s right! YouTube Vanced has all the features you need and envision.

Basic features of YouTube Vanced app

If we compare it to YouTube, the YouTube Vanced app provides some superior features that are not available in the former app. It is a video streaming platform just like YouTube. The only difference is that it cares about the users’ feedback and provides an extra set of features to ease the video streaming experience. 

YouTube Vanced app has a variety of features that effectuate you to download the app. A few of the renowned features of this app are briefed below.

  • No more ads

Just like you, we are also tired of watching ads in-between the videos. YouTube ads break the tempo of watching videos. Advertisements before, after, and in-between videos take all the fun of watching videos. 

Adblocker is a superior add-on to eliminate ad popups. The only problem with adblockers is that they come at a post and are only supported for desktop computers. YouTube Vanced Tuber has a built-in adblocker. You can stream videos without the disturbance of advertisements.

  • Download Videos

You are probably wondering how is this feature different from the already present download feature of the YouTube app. YouTube Vanced Tuber allows you to download any video, even the videos that do not support downloading in the conventional YouTube app. 

Moreover, the downloaded videos are permanent. You do not have to review and renew the downloads every 30 days or so. It provides a superior offline video streaming experience to its users.

  • Background Play

Unlike the famous video streaming app, YouTube Vanced Tuber provides background play of videos. People find it inconvenient that YouTube does not allow background play, and you have to keep the app on even if you are listening to music. Our app changes this whole experience. 

You can listen to music and surf other applications with our app. No need to keep the app open to listen to music. A secret advantage of this feature is that background play helps you save data because you are only streaming the audio and not the video.

  • In-picture mode

Many apps and smartphones offer a picture-in-picture mode. YouTube is not one of them. The in-picture mode takes the video streaming experience to a whole new level. Our app allows you to open in-picture mode. This way you can use other applications while watching your favourite videos.

  • Link YouTube subscriptions

Our app is the same as YouTube. You can log in to your google account in our app and get the same experience as YouTube. You can get your subscriptions after logging in as well.

All of these features make YouTube Vanced Tuber a superior video streaming app. Get it on your smartphones now.

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