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We’re here to help you learn more about YouTube TV and stretch out that free trial a little longer. Here's how.

Make your YouTube TV free trial last longer with these tricks

Everyone’s cutting cable these days. With countless streaming services popping up each day, it’s easy to see why everyone’s making the switch. 

That said, some of us still want to enjoy traditional live television. Live sports games, breaking news, and season premieres aren’t a thing of the past, so we shouldn’t have to give them up! That’s why YouTube has introduced YouTube TV: a new addition to the streaming giant’s empire that allows you to watch TV the old-fashioned way.

Of course, before signing up for another streaming service, it’s always a good idea to try the platform’s free trial. With that in mind, we’re here to help you learn more about YouTube TV and stretch out that free trial a little longer. 

What YouTube TV has to offer

YouTube now offers a subscription service providing over eighty-five TV channels.  The live TV package also comes with unlimited DVR storage and allows for up to six separate accounts. The service lets you have three screens streaming at once, so half of those accounts can be used at the same time.

Additionally, unlike other live TV streaming services, YouTube TV comes with NFL, NBA, and MLB networks. You’ll never have to miss a game again! That’s an important perk to keep in mind when looking at the service’s $64.99/month subscription price, which may seem sort of steep. However, compared to your regular cable bills, this deal isn’t too shabby.

In fact, YouTube TV claims that it can save you up to $500/year if you switch over from cable. And to make sure they hook you, the platform also offers a seven-day free trial. Now let’s see how you can save a few more dollars by making your free trial last longer!

Keep an eye out for extended trials

Currently, YouTube TV is offering a two-week-long free trial throughout May. So if you’ve been thinking of signing up, now’s the time!

If you’re not quite ready yet, don’t worry. YouTube TV offers two-week free trial promos frequently throughout the year. Just make sure you check on the last month of each quarter and we’re certain you’ll find an extended two-week free trial offer. It probably wouldn’t hurt to set an alarm on your smartphone calendar so you don’t forget!

YouTube TV and Verizon’s special offers

If you already have Verizon as your cell phone provider then you’re in for a good deal. The cell phone and home internet provider has partnered with YouTube TV to let you add the subscription to your monthly plan.

If you’re looking to switch providers or already use Verizon, then you’re eligible for a whole free month of YouTube TV! When you buy a new smartphone on Verizon’s unlimited plan then you’ll be able to access YouTube TV for thirty days. After your trial ends, you will get a discounted monthly subscription price of $49.99 instead of $64.99.

If you’re serious about cutting cable and are also looking to update your cell phone, then this offer is just for you!

Look for promo codes

It may seem like a hassle but sometimes you can strike gold. There are plenty of YouTube TV promo codes on the internet. Promo codes can provide extended free trials and even discounted monthly subscription prices! You just have to scour the web for them.

One google search for “YouTube TV promo codes” will give you access to thousands of deals! 

Although the YouTube TV streaming platform is slightly more expensive than other options, the seven-day free trial is a great way to see if it’s right for you. Remember to look for YouTube TV’s frequent promotions for two-week free trials! Also, if you want to buy a new smartphone and cut your cable, consider signing up through Verizon. With this promotion you get a free month and discounted subscription to YouTube TV.

With over eighty-five channels and unlimited DVR storage to offer, YouTube TV is definitely worth a free trial, at the very least. And, of course, we won’t tell anyone if you use every one of your relatives’ emails to sign up for multiple YouTube TV free trials. 

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