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Yan vs. Dvalishvili: How can you watch this UFC match for free?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier mixed martial arts promotion in the world. Founded in 1993, it has grown to become a global brand and one of the most exciting forms of combat sports entertainment. The UFC stages fights between athletes from around the world, pitting different styles against each other in order to determine which is superior. But how to stream it’s matches?

There’s no doubt that boxing is one of the most expensive sports to watch, both through streams and in real life, an UFC ticket event can cost around $74.99. At Film Daily we’re big fans of free streaming, and sports aren’t the exemption. Here’s all you need to know to stream the best UFC matches online for free, particularly Yan vs Dashvilli’s. 

Yan vs Dvalishvili

Petr Yan is a Russian mixed martial artist who currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he is the current UFC Bantamweight Champion. He is known for his proficient striking and grappling skills and has amassed an impressive record of 16-1-0, with notable victories over Urijah Faber, Jimmie Rivera and John Dodson.

Merab Dvalishvili is a Georgian mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s bantamweight division. He has faced some of the toughest competitors in the sport, including T.J. Dillashaw, John Lineker and current champion Petr Yan, and holds an impressive record of 12-4-0. And now that you know all these, you’ll be wondering where to stream it…

Crack Streams

An option for all sports lovers, not only UFC fans is CrackStreams, here you’ll be able to free stream several sports events. This is a great option if you’re looking to stream NFL, CBF, XFL, MMA, NBA as well as UFC content. However, you’ll really need a fast internet, if you don’t, the content will probably buffer.In general terms this streaming site works, however it does have some situations we should mention. 

First Row Sports 

FirstRow Sports is another great option to watch sports online for free, including UFC events obviously. The good thing is that you can access HD quality and it’s quite easy to use since you don’t need to access the website through a profile, only click at a link. 

Yet, nothing is entirely free and streaming Yan vs. Dvalishvili without paying should bring other costs naturally.  FirstRow Sports has the same problem that many free streaming sites do, which is opening numerous drawbacks that can make you uncomfortable. 


Stream2Watch is a great platform that provides all live sports streams content, not only boxing content, and the best part, without having to make an account! For this platform a single click on your chosen link will be enough. If you consider yourself an all kinds of sports lover, be sure to have this site very near to you  and share it with your closest friends.

UFC Streams 

We’ve finally arrived at our favorite site to stream UFC live fights, the truth is that this is one of the best ones! Nevertheless, as you can easily tell by the title, this is an exclusively UFC boxing streams site, so this is not an option to stream other sports. However, it will definitely work to stream Yan vs Dvalishvili’s fight. And the best part, in HD quality.  If you’re running with luck, you might even find it on 4K. 

Unlike the other platforms we’ve provided to you, something you need to know about UFC Streams is that it does not hold recordings of other events. You might use this platform exclusively for live streamings. 

No matter which site you end up choosing, be aware that all free streaming platforms have other costs. Tell us what you think about Yan vs Dvalishvili’s fight in the comments below! 

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