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'Wrong Turn' is a modern slasher series on its seventh film. The new movie switches to cult horror for a refreshing take. Here's everywhere to watch online.

Dying to watch ‘Wrong Turn’? Here are all the places to stream the movie

In a practice that dates back to the 1980s where studios turned every horror slasher film into five or six unnecessary sequels, 2003’s Wrong Turn got the star treatment. The horror movie spawned five sequels between 2007 & 2014 and is getting a reboot in 2021 by director Mike P. Nelson & writer Alan McElroy who wrote the first six films. 

Wrong Turn is a clear cut B-movie – and if B-movies are your thing, you’ll want to check out the 2021 reboot. The film centers around Jen Shaw (Charlotte Vega) and her friends on a hike to find an old Civil War Fort in the Appalachian Mountains. The residence of the small town at the base of the mountain warns the group of a cult living in the mountain – however, they’re not dangerous as long as you stay on the path. 

It’s hard to find a place to watch a new film in a crazy time like a pandemic. Whether the theaters near you are all closed, or you’re crippled by pandemic anxiety, it’s hard to get to a theater. It leaves horror fans dying to know: can I watch it online? 

Theatrical debut

Wrong Turn 2021 came out on Jan. 26th in a rare departure from a Friday release date. However, Fathom Events is putting on the film in select markets for two days: Tuesday & Saturday. 

If you aren’t familiar with Fathom Events, you probably get to the movie late, and for that, shame on you. The company puts on specialty films throughout the country. The big thing they’re known for is getting anime into your local AMC theater. 

Fathom Events is a great outlet for film buffs & movie nerds who don’t have a smaller theater, like Alamo Drafthouse or Los Angeles’s New Beverly Cinema. These smaller theaters program their own film slates & Fathom Events does that for larger theaters like AMC & Regal. 

Popular streaming sites

Even though sites like 123movies claims to have all the releases on the site, it usually doesn’t get smaller releases while they’re in theaters. We searched all the sites like 123movies and could only find the original Wrong Turn film series, but no traces of the 2021 version. It might be because this article & Wrong Turn came out on the same day so keep checking 123Movies, or GoMovies. 

Sites like 123Movies & GoMovies are a great resource for larger releases that all movie fans should have one bookmarked. 

Fringe sites

One place we’re constantly finding the new Wrong Turn movie is on some of these “free” fringe sites. All you need to find one of these sites, because there are plenty of them, is to search “where to watch Wrong Turn for free.” You’ll know you’re on one of those sites because you’ll have to sign up to watch the stream. 

This is why we say they’re free with quotation marks. When you sign up, you’ll be asked for a credit card. You’ll have a free trial for an undisclosed amount of time, and then you’ll get charged $50 a month for access. Just make sure you don’t get charged right away, and you close your account after watching the film. 

Are you excited for a Wrong Turn reboot, or do you wish they’d let sleeping dogs lie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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