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Live sports are essential for lots of people. Here are some alternative methods on how to watch sports online for free.

What are the Alternatives to Watch Sports Online for Free

Sports consolidates various personalities and people from around the globe. It is powerful enough to bring people together no matter where they are from. However, finding a sports channel online, which will let you stream sports, is complicated as hell. But fear not, we’ve got some solutions to help you conquer any worries you might have

Now, the options sports fans have to watch sports online include watching their favorite sports channel online by paying a huge amount, or they can use certain sites to watch them for free.

The best example of a site, which allows you to watch sports channels online is Stream2Watch. Stream2Watch is a site that will help users watch their most love titles or sports without any complications. 

However, in many countries, this site has gotten banned because of copyright infringements. If you are in one of those countries – where it is blocked- you are probably looking for another solution. 

The two solutions which we have for you are, to use Stream2Watch proxy sites to get to the original site, or find an alternative site to Stream2Watch that has not gotten blocked. 

In this article, we look at both of these options; so you can choose the best one for yourself. In case you would love to test a few Alternatives sites, make sure to check Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.

Few Alternatives to watch sports

Below we have a list of some of the sports websites you can check out.

  • SportP2P

SportP2P is an amazing alternative for those wanting to stream live sporting events. The interface is really good for this site, and it has a navigation system, which allows you to have all the functions of the site at your fingertip without any complications. This site will have the live sports links ready for you 30 minutes before the event is going to start. Moreover, there is no hassle in creating an account in order to watch a live event. Open the site, click on the link of the sporting event you want to see and enjoy.

  • RedStream

RedStream is another great Stream2Watch alternative. This site is much similar to Stream2Watch, and you will love it if you loved Stream2Watch. It has a spectacular, eye-catching design and provides the best services available in sports. 

Go to RedStream and watch any sporting event, live for free. This site has many sporting events to choose from, like Soccer, Tennis, American Football, Basketball, and many others.

  • 12thPlayer

12thPlayer is an amazing option for users wanting to stream online sports. All you have to do is go to its original site and choose the event you want to watch and enjoy. It has a simple interface design, making it one of the great features of this site. 

The other great feature is how you will not get annoyed by ads, as it does not have any.  Another feature many love is how the video of a live event gets saved for you to watch later if you cannot catch it live.

  • Mama HD

Mama HD is an alternative site to Stream2Watch, which offers all types of sports from soccer, basketball, Cricket, Football, Formula 1, Baseball, to many more. This site has a simple and minimal design, making it easy to use.  You can watch any content you want in HD quality without any problem.

  • UltraSports

UltraSports is a unique, special type of site as it allows you to watch the event live and read more about it if you want. This site has the latest news and live scores for you to see all in one place. UltraSports has a modern design, which you will love. Moreover, users do not have to make an account to stream live events or read the latest news on this site.

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