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'Euphoria' season 2 directed by Sam Levinson, ended two months ago, yet, many of us still haven’t watched it, here's how to do it online for free.

How to watch ‘Euphoria’ free online

While paying for a streaming platform is something simple for many, it might be impossible for others. Even though money shouldn’t be an impediment to anything, it is to everything under capitalism, yet this will no longer be a problem to stream your favorite shows. Euphoria season 2 directed by Sam Levinson, ended two months ago, yet, many of us still haven’t watched it. Continuous buffering is a common issue while streaming so you may select the best internet service to resolve this issue.

We know you very well and we’ll give you what you’re looking for. Here are the best tips to watch Euphoria for free online in more than one way. But first, let’s talk about why Euphoria is not only a worth watching series but a must-watch one. After reading this, you’ll have no excuses to watch this controversial teenage drama starring our beloved  Zendaya.

All the reasons why you should watch Euphoria

Although Euphoria is a teenage drama it manages to depict the complexity behind each one of the characters and the situations they go through. In that sense, the story is almost entirely written with a superb criterion, yet, even though we’re big fans of Euphoria, we’re able to recognize its flaws too.

Let’s not pass by the hypersexualization Cassie’s character goes through and the explicitness of the sex scenes which are supposed to portray teenage sex. These scenes are the main reason several people are so obsessed with the show, yet, Euphoria is worth watching for many other reasons. One of them is the fact that it’ll remain the official teenage depiction of our era.

Other shows like Sex Education will also remain historically like one of the first teenage stories to talk about queerness & sexual diversity, which is revolutionary. Another great thing Euphoria has is the fact that its main story revolves around conflictive drug use and is written by Levinson, who went through it personally. In order to be a society with responsible consumption, we must know its implications.

Even though Euphoria can be highly archetypical because that’s how narrative works, it has one of the most diverse casts. Not only because it includes sexual diversity by the presence of Hunter Schafer who is trans, but also by including positive body diversity with Barbie Ferreira. Simultaneously, and unlike other shows, Euphoria season 2 included Chloe Cherry on its cast, who is a porn actress. 

And last but not least, Euphoria is simply beautiful with its unbelievable photography directed by Marcell Rév. Besides, honestly, the best memes and fun TikTok audios come from this show, but, where is it for free? 

Watch Euphoria for free 

There are several ways to watch movies & T.V. shows for free, especially trendy ones like Euphoria. Still, our first advice is to watch it on HBO Max using the monthly free trial. This is convenient only when the whole series is out and you don’t have to wait till each Sunday for the next chapter to premiere. Right now, you can watch the two seasons and their special episodes between them online.

Besides, you can watch several other good shows like The Flight Attendant season 2, which is releasing in April. If you want to get the free month just be strategic with the dates in order to make the most profit from it. However, if you have already used your month’s trial or are no longer available when you read this, then these options are for you to watch the show for free online. 

Our favorite websites to stream movies & T.V. shows online are 123Movies, Cuevana, and to watch this specific series, Hdtoday. Even though all these sites are great to watch your favorite shows without paying a penny, they do have their flaws. You’ll probably find yourself closing several ads & windows whenever you do a simple click but you’ll at least be watching your favorite show.

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