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Unlocking the Locks: Nanoplasty’s Secret to Stunning Hair

Long, lustrous hair is a holy grail for millions of women worldwide. Sadly, many have fallen victim to scams in their quest for effective hair restoration procedures.  

The only way to avoid joining these statistics is to choose a dermatologically-approved hair treatment technology like nanoplasty. Read below as we unpack nanoplasty and how the procedure might revitalize your dull hair. 

What Is Nanoplasty? 

Nanoplasty is a hair straightening treatment that uses advanced nanotechnology to improve the appearance of hair.  

Nanoplasty hair treatment aims at enhancing the radiance and sleekness of hair strands while also seeking to straighten curly hair by getting rid of frizz. Depending on how it’s performed, this cutting-edge procedure may also improve the overall health and vitality of hair.  

How Does Nanoplasty Work? 

The best way to understand how nanoplasty works is to back up a bit and familiarise yourself with the core technology the procedure is based on – nanotechnology.  

Nanotechnology, also known as nanotech, is the process of manipulating matter with at least one dimension measuring 1 to 100 nanometers (nm). The technology aims at using matter at an atomic or molecular scale for industrial purposes. 

Nanoplasty involves manipulating hair fibres by driving nano-sized particles (such as amino acids, ascorbic acid, and lactic acid) deeper into hair shafts. Once inside the hair strands, these particles work by restructuring the hair fibres. The intricate process helps straighten hair while also making it appear smoother and glossier.  

Nanoplasty is a relatively quick procedure compared to many other hair treatments. 

You’ll ideally begin by washing your hair using an anti-residue shampoo. Cleaner hair enhances the efficacy of the nano-sized particles used during the procedure.  

The next step entails introducing active atomic or molecular substances into your hair. These compounds penetrate your hair’s microfibril matrix, providing the much-required benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of Nanoplasty?  

1. Highly Effective 

 Nanoplasty enhances the penetration of hair nano-particles into hair’s microfibril matrix. The nutrition to hair cells enhances hair regrowth while boosting its overall chemical composition.  

In contrast to other common hair treatments, this procedure doesn’t involve opening the hair cuticles. That makes it less invasive and more effective.  

Many who’ve undergone nanoplasty treatments report being able to straighten their hair even when it’s wet.  

2. Easier On the Patient 

The fact that nanoplasty is less invasive makes the procedure less bothersome to the patient.  

Besides, this treatment mainly relies on gentle chemicals. Cases of allergic reactions are almost unheard of, as the chemicals used are typically free from formaldehyde releasers.  

Nanoplasty doesn’t strip hair strands off the scalp, making it even safer. 

3. Improves Hair Radiance 

Nanoplasty does a great job of improving your hair’s shine. That’s primarily due to the nanotechnology used.  

As the nano-sized particles penetrate deeper into your hair, they fill any gaps and blemishes along the hair shaft. The result is a shiny and lustrous appearance.  

If you’re looking for a way to add more vitality to your hair without experimenting with different cosmetic brands, then you need a nanoplasty treatment. 

4. Reduces Frizz 

 Frizzy hair can deal a massive blow to your fashion style. The problem is especially common during summer due to the extreme heat and high humidity.  

Fortunately, nanoplasty might provide a permanent solution to the nagging problem of hair frizz. The nanotechnology used in this procedure helps to smoothen out your hair cuticles and create a buffer against high humidity. The less moisture your hair absorbs, the less frizzy it will get.  

With nanoplasty, you won’t waste precious grooming time caring for annoying frizz. 

Difference Between Nanoplasty and Hair Botox 

 Many publications use the terms “nanoplasty” and “hair botox” interchangeably. However, these two hair treatment concepts are fundamentally different.  

The key difference between nanoplasty and hair botox is that the former is most effective at straightening out frizzy hair and improving its glossiness. On the other hand, hair botox works best for treating dry and damaged hair. This procedure is particularly recommended when you need to repair damaged hair and stimulate its regrowth.  

Ultimately, the choice of one procedure over the others depends on your desired effects.  

How Much Does Nanoplasty Cost? 

The cost of nanoplasty treatments in the United States ranges from $250 to $800. However, the actual amount you’ll pay for the procedure depends on the scope of the work to be done.  

The location of the clinic you choose to have your nanoplasty may also determine the procedure’s final cost. That’s especially true if there are incidental charges like transportation and consultation fees. 

Nanoplastics typically do not require follow-up procedures or even aftercare treatments. But on the off chance that these are involved, then there will be extra cost implications.  

How Long Do Nanoplasty Treatments Last? 

Most nanoplasties last around eight months. However, this duration isn’t cast in stone.  

Your nanoplasty may last shorter or longer than eight months, depending on the structure of your hair strands.  

The quality of chemicals used is another key determinant of how long you’ll sport glossy hair after a nanoplasty procedure. 

Wrap Up

Nanoplasty is undoubtedly one of the most effective hair treatments. The fact that this procedure uses gentle chemicals makes it suitable for anyone, including expecting moms, children (over 7 years), and people with sensitive skin. And while you may pay up to $800 for a single treatment, the longevity of effects makes nanoplastics worth every penny.   

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