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Top 5 Ways To Improve Virtual Meeting Etiquette

It was always easy to know what to expect and what was expected of you during in-office meetings, but as people juggle working out of their homes with their personal responsibilities, the boundaries surrounding proper etiquette are becoming blurred. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve your virtual meeting etiquette, though. In fact, there are several ways to do so.

Having Uniformed Backgrounds

When 50 people in a meeting are more interested in one participant’s cat than they are in what’s happening in the meeting, things can get disorganized quickly. Even if there are no pets or kids in the background, many people find themselves checking out the wall art or other background items when looking at other participants. Having everyone use the same Zoom office background with logo ensures everyone is seeing the same thing and has their focus in the right place.

Sticking To an Agenda

You wouldn’t hold your team members hostage for an after-hours meeting at the office and you shouldn’t have meetings go on too long when everyone is working from home, either. Before your meeting, come up with 3-5 key goals and a plan to achieve them within a slotted time frame. For example, if you have a 90-minute meeting and five major topics, spend about 15-20 minutes per topic. If something goes on too long, put a pin in it and focus on it first at the next meeting.

Joining the Meeting Early

If you’re the host, it’s vital that you join the meeting early. This gives you time to ensure your notes are in order, check that your camera and microphone are working, and set up your Zoom background with company logo. It also gives you time to greet meeting participants as they join and help anyone who is having any technical difficulties. Even if you can’t show up early, it is imperative that you’re on time at the very least. Leaving your team or clients waiting makes it seem like you don’t respect or value their time and will lower morale.

Dressing Your Best

It is important that you look professional and presentable, at least from the waist up. Make sure that you’re wearing a shirt that is up to the office dress code, including a tie if necessary. Even if you’re allowed to wear t-shirts, it’s important to make sure they’re tasteful, clean, and free of tears. Don’t forget to wash your face, comb your hair, and if desired, put on makeup. When you look your best, you’ll feel your best. When you feel your best, you’ll be more confident while running your meeting.

Giving Your Full Attention

The people you’re working with deserve your full attention during the meeting. Avoid answering emails, looking at text messages, or checking social media during your meeting. Turn off the radio, TV, or other background noise that you use during work to ensure it doesn’t distract other meeting participants. Finally, if you have kids or pets, have someone watch them while you’re in the meeting so that you can keep the focus on your business.

By keeping things uniform with a Zoom virtual office background, sticking to an agenda, and putting your full attention on your meeting, you are more likely to have a respectable and productive experience for yourself and everyone else. Remember, etiquette is still important, even from home.

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