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Time Warner Cable is an institution of television. Find out if the company still exists and is making new content.

Does Time Warner Cable still exist

Time Warner Cable was initially formed in 1992 with the merger of Warner Cable and cable TV company of Time Inc. It operated under Time Warner as a subsidiary but later on was spun-out as Time Warner Cable in the form of a separate company.

Back in 2016, Time Warner Cable was acquired by Charter Communications for about $78.7 Billion, Time Warner Cable (TWC) was the second-largest cable TV provider by revenue. Moreover, it was operating in 29 states and was available to millions of customers. 

The main goal of acquisition was to rebrand the Warner Cables under the Charter Communication as as a Western New York brand, that could offer services like best modems for spectrum internet, TV and voice services to the Global customers with great value. After the acquisition, Charter Communication has improved the Internet speed without imposing data caps or usage-based pricings to sustain the customers.

Does Time Warner Cable Still Exist?

After the acquisition by Charter Communications, the company operated under the name of Time Warner for some time but then it was made part of the brand name Spectrum (owned by Charter Communications) that offers cable TV, internet, and phone services. So in reality, Time Warner Cable does not exist as it was made a part of Spectrum. 

However, many customers that were previously with Time Warner call it Time Warner Cable Spectrum or Time Warner Spectrum. This name is also used to define and differentiate between territories of Spectrum such as Charter Spectrum, Time Warner Spectrum, and Bright House Spectrum.

Time Warner Spectrum Services & Plans

Time Warner Spectrum offers internet, cable TV, and phone services and is currently available in more than 41 states. Since it is a cable internet service provider, the download speeds are much faster than DSL, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite internet services. 

Moreover, customers can get one service or a service bundle as per their needs. In case you are interested in getting new services or changing your plan, here are some of the best plans and deals offered by Spectrum.

Time Warner Internet-only Plans

In the Time Warner area, Spectrum offers 3 different internet plans for residential addresses that are interested in getting internet services. These 3 speed options include download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, up to 400 Mbps, and up to 940 Mbps. These plans cost $49.99 per month, $64.99 per month, and $109.99 per month respectively, based on the plan that you choose. 

With these plans, you will also get a free internet modem, free antivirus software to protect your computers or laptops, unlimited data without any speed throttling, and no-contract services. That means you can use it as much as you want, connect your devices and download or stream on all of them, stay safe while you are on the web, and cancel your services whenever you would want to. 

Cable TV- Only Plans

For the cable TV plans, Spectrum also has three different plan tiers that offer a majority of the channels as per the household needs and provide the best value for the amount that you pay. These plans are known as Select, Silver, and Gold, with Select being the standard tier and Gold being the premium one.

With TV select, you will get more than 125 channels that include both local and many other broadcast networks. Similarly, TV Silver offers more than 175 channels where the channel names include premium channels such as HBO, and Showtime along with many other channels such as LMN, NFL, and HGTV. Spectrum TV Gold is the most premium tier that Spectrum has to offer. This tier includes channels such as Starz, TMC, and many more along with all the channels offered through the Silver plan. 

With these TV plans, customers also get on-demand content access along with a free Spectrum TV app that allows them to watch Live TV through their mobile devices and tablets. These plans start at $44.99 per month and the prices go up as per the tier of your choice.

Internet & TV Bundles

For those customers who are interested in getting both internet and TV services through Spectrum, there are various plans they can choose from. As a general rule, you have the option to mix any downloading speed being offered with any TV plan of your choice. 

However, Spectrum offers three major bundles that are known as Double Play Select, Double Play Silver, and Double Play Gold which offer internet speed of up to 200 Mbps along with the TV plan as per the bundle chosen. 

These plans start from $89.98 per month for the Select bundle and go up to $144.98 or more as per the equipment that you have chosen and the customizations in the plan. 

Summing It Up

Time Warner Cable is now operating as the brand name Spectrum where Charter Communications is the parent company now. So, the name Time Warner Cable exists only to the extent that Spectrum can differentiate and previous customers can relate. 

However, it still offers an outstanding quality of services and services are now available in more areas than ever. Moreover, customers have options to get everything from one place, instead of choosing different providers for internet, TV, landline, and mobile phone.

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