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Does the drama surrounding 'Tiger King' ever truly end? Here are some more updates from the series and why Netflix is getting sued.

Is Netflix getting sued over some of their ‘Tiger King’ footage?

Does the drama surrounding Tiger King ever truly end? The most insane television show ever that united us all as we entered quarantine now has another controversy surrounding it. Shockingly, it doesn’t have to do with Carole Baskin’s missing husband, Don Lewis. Though there was more movement regarding the case with Baskin’s involvement on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Now a former videographer for Joe Exotic is taking Netflix to court over using his footage in the popular series. Timothy Sepi alleges that he formed Whyte Monkee Productions LLC with approval of Joe Exotic in order to make videos of him. Now he’s saying that Netflix used those clips in Tiger King without his permission. So, yes, Netflix is being sued over footage used in Tiger King.

But this is not the first instance of the show being sued or accused of other hinky behavior. Here are some more updates from the series.

 Joe Exotic vs. Jeff Lowe

Joe Exotic wants you all to know that he did not have sex with the animals in his zoo. Okay? From prison, he’s taking his former business partner Jeff Lowe to court over saying that he did. Because what was Tiger King missing? Bestiality apparently. Exotic’s attorney accused Lowe of making the allegations in order to “remain relevant” following Tiger King’s popularity.

In a legal filing a couple weeks ago with the Garvin County District Court, they allege that these statements have caused Exotic “public hatred, contempt, ridicule, and disgrace”. This follows an order to Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park due to animal mistreatment and delinquent taxes. 

Exotic’s $94 million USD lawsuit and want for a Presidential Pardon

In addition to suing Lowe, Exotic is also suing the US Fish and Wildlife Service along with several other former colleagues. He also asked President Donald Trump for a Presidential Pardon for his 22-year prison term. Because, of course, this is a sentence that is being written in 2020. 

Exotic wrote to the President, “This lawsuit has been filed within the title of Justice, The Trump Administration have to be made conscious of the Overreach, perjury, abuse of energy and the failure to uphold the Oath of their place which is fact and Justice for all.”

You ever just look out your window and at the sky? Like what even is this year? Seriously? 

Don’t forget about Carole Baskin

In addition to the new lawsuit and the old lawsuit, there’s also Carole Baskin on Dancing with the Stars. On her debut with the series, Don Lewis’ children used the opportunity to get a commercial out in several key markets, asking viewers for information on his disappearance. They’re also putting up a reward. Lewis disappeared in 1997 under mysterious circumstances. 

Baskin has been quite open with her distaste for her portrayal in Tiger King. She’s also not too happy about the scripted series going on behind-the-scenes as well. But Baskin is also dancing for that mirrorball trophy so…she’s clearly enjoying some of the fame.

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