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FD News: ‘The Walking Dead’ flops; David O. Russell fingered; Goldblum (still) fantastic

The 100th episode of The Walking Dead has posted the lowest ratings since its 3rd season, despite it remaining as the number-one most-watched show on TV.

FD News: ‘The Walking Dead’ flops; David O. Russell fingered; Goldblum (still) fantastic

Flogging a Walking Dead horse?

AMC’s The Walking Dead’s 100th episode posted the lowest ratings since its 3rd season yesterday. The season 8 premiere managed over 11.4 million viewers – nothing to sniff at – but well below last year’s 17.04 million for season 7’s premiere, despite remaining the number-one most-watched show on television.

This is pretty shocking news for the show about zombies and how humans really really don’t like each other. The numbers might provoke a little soul-searching from AMC as to whether or not the sheen has worn off after so many years in the spotlight.

David O. Russell’s thing at Amazon torpedoed over allegations

The Daily Beast documented in a long-form piece about links between David O. Russell’s history of sexual harassment allegations and the torpedoing of his Amazon Studios project. The publication argued that, alongside the eruption of the Weinstein scandal, the entertainment industry may finally be seeing creatives like Russell as a liability in light of the allegations launched against them.

The piece claimed Russell’s history, along with the Weinstein storm, scuppered the project, an untitled series with De Niro (Goodfellas) and Julianne Moore (Wonderstruck) attached, at Amazon Studios, which itself is caught in a hellfire of allegations and firings. Allegedly. Again, allegedly. Just so that’s clear.

Jeff Goldblum continues to exist, world rejoices

Ahhhh! Life, uh, finds a way. Global stock markets soared and every political leader on earth made known their plans for world peace as, to everyone’s stunning surprise, it emerged that Jeff Goldblum, treasure to all mankind, continues to exist. When he’s not dazzling fans with selfies or charming Holly Willoughby, he’s continuing to exist.

It’s amazing and stunning news for a day bereft of events. This is a real shining light. We’re simply stunned. Wow!

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