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Fans had to wait over eighteen years, but 'The Matrix Resurrections' is finally here. Find out how you can finally watch the latest movie online for free.

‘The Matrix Resurrections’: Can you watch the movie online for free?

Fans had to wait over eighteen years, but The Matrix Resurrections is finally here. The Wachowskis had hinted for a long time that there’d be a new movie, yet they were always busy with other projects. It’s incredible to think that The Matrix franchise has spanned over twenty years while still remaining as culturally relevant as when it premiered. 

Based on the earliest reviews, the response to The Matrix Resurrections has been generally positive. While the sequels Reloaded & Revolutions were both released in 2003, they left a bitter taste in fans’ mouths. While Resurrections can only hope to be the second-best Matrix film, it seems as if it may have achieved this feat. 

We can all agree that The Matrix is a groundbreaking film that can’t be duplicated no matter how hard one tries. That being said, The Matrix Resurrections pays homage to the original film while still changing things up for new generations of fans. In this article, we’ll discuss the response to the film as well as where you can watch it online for free.

Jack into The Matrix Resurrections 

In The Matrix in 1999, the Wachowskis created the perfect alchemy of a big-budget action film with high-minded philosophical, political, and intellectual ideas. The original film’s impact cannot be understated, as a whole generation of filmgoers was awakened to the idea of simulation theory.

Moreover, The Matrix changed filmmaking forever. Perhaps the movie’s biggest influence was on Christopher Nolan, who cites The Matrix as one of his favorite films. When watching Inception or Tenet, you can definitely feel the aftershock of The Matrix. Additionally, the original film revolutionized special effects, introducing us to “bullet time.”

Perhaps the success of The Matrix ultimately proved negative for the franchise. Whereas every scene in the original feels blended with compelling thought & action, Reloaded feels much more choppy. In the third film Revolutions, the Wachowskis seemed to fall victim to the early-2000s trope of massive hold-the-line battles with never-ending enemies.

The Matrix Resurrections is refreshing because the trailers show that a lot of the action takes place in “the Matrix.” Previous sequels spent much of their run-time in the “real world,” where fewer complex ideas about reality can be explored. However, trailers can only tell us so much. We have to look at reviews of Resurrections to get a sense of how it is.

Response to Resurrections 

Reviews of The Matrix Resurrections have been mixed, but mostly pleasantly surprised. Lillian Crawford wrote a glowing review of the film in Little White Lies. Crawford said, “Reeves and Moss are magnificent at resurrecting Neo and Trinity, and they blend exquisitely into Lana Wachowski’s matured style of filmmaking.”

K. Austin Collins of Rolling Stone was a bit more reserved in his praise, yet still had a positive impression of Resurrections. Collins wrote, “I was moved, impressed – far more than I expected to be. The emotional engineering of The Matrix Resurrections is exacting and rapturous.” However, not every critic was as kind to this reboot.

Writing for Observer, Oliver Jones bumped on the existential dialogue that’s a staple of The Matrix franchise. Jones opined, “The net effect of all this techno-philosophic yackety-yak is the not altogether pleasant feeling that you are watching a movie while being trapped in an elevator with someone desperate to explain what it’s all about.”

Johnny Oleksinski was succinct in his feelings for Resurrections. The New York Post writer said, “After two lousy sequels, here’s a pitch for Warner Bros.: “The Matrix Retirement.” No matter which review you’re most inclined to believe, it’s best if you see Resurrections for yourself to form your own opinion.

How to watch Resurrections for free online

If you don’t have access to an HBO Max subscription, there are still ways to watch The Matrix Resurrections online. You can find a free stream on or There’s also a free high definition stream through, or instructions on how to watch for free on

No matter how you slice it, there are plenty of free ways to stream the new Matrix movie online.

If you can’t wait any longer to see The Matrix Resurrections, then you can find a way to watch it online for free. What’s your favorite moment from The Matrix franchise? Let us know in the comment section!

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