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There isn't a more iconic duo than Liam Neeson and a gun. That's why his newest film, 'The Marksman,' is a must-watch. Here are all the places to watch.

Looking to watch ‘The Marksman’? Here are the best places to stream it

It’s a nearly universally acknowledged truth that audiences love to watch Liam Neeson shoot people.  The actor dabbled in gun-toting thrillers before 2008’s Taken cemented Neeson’s place in Hollywood as an aging action hero, seemingly getting more nimble with each passing year. 

The sequels that followed Taken bred similar fare with A Walk Amongst the Tombstones in 2014, Run All Night in 2015, and The Commuter in 2018. Producers set up thrillers, and Liam knocks them down. Neeson didn’t even decide to end his thriller run on a high note after appearing in 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen’s critically acclaimed heist film Widows in 2018. 

Audiences’ appetites for Liam Neeson blasting bad guys on screen seems insatiable, and 2021 brings us another Neeson-starring shoot-em-up to distract us from the world’s events with The Marksman.

The Marksman comes from Robert Lorenz in his directorial debut. Lorenz isn’t a stranger to Hollywood, though, as he’s produced massive blockbusters from 2003’s Oscar-winning Mystic River to 2004’s Million Dollar Baby to 2008’s Gran Torino. Lorenz brings us a story of the American Southwest in his new flick.

Border patrol

The Marksman tells the tale of a former U.S. Marine, Jim Hanson, who reports illegal immigration at the Arizona border to Mexico until he runs into a young boy, Miguel, running from the cartel who he must save (if only the Border Patrol had the same change of heart). 

Liam gives us perhaps his worst American accent to date as Hanson, but like always, we don’t care as long as he’s blasting nameless henchmen on the run for ninety minutes. 

Hanson protects Miguel from the cartel who follows the two on their run to safety in Chicago where his family lives. The story is tired, but originality isn’t why we choose to watch a Neeson action movie. There’s shooting, there’s car chases, there’s everything one comes to expect from the first Liam Neeson thriller of the 2020s. So where can we watch the action-packed PG-13 romp?

Only in theaters

The Marksman opened in theaters January 15th, 2021. Okay, so who cares? Which of the many platforms competing in the streaming wars do we have to subscribe to in order to watch this flick? Unfortunately, audiences may not be able to devour The Marksman with their eyes & ears easily for the time being.

In a throwback to ancient times, The Marksman is only available in theaters for the time being. However, you may have noticed that many public venues have closed down in the past year (internal scream). 

Movie theaters around the world have taken a massive hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, and production companies like Warner Bros. have decided to adjust to the times and release many of their films on streaming platforms alongside theater releases. 

The Marksman seems to have gone rogue, as even Lex Luthor clone Jeff Bezos has kept his claws out of the cookie jar and the film isn’t even available to rent on Amazon (for now).

Box office bummer

Variety reported The Marksman opened to 1,975 locations last week, and ranks among the least-grossing opening weekends of all time, no doubt a result of over half of the U.S.’s theaters having remained closed. The film is estimated to have earned close to $4 million over MLK weekend, a drop in the bucket of its $23 million budget.

The Marksman is the latest theatrical gift 2021 has brought us, and it’s only available now as action movies are meant to be seen: at high volume on a massive screen.  Audiences will have to channel their inner Neeson and brave the risks of COVID-19 infection to see it though, as it’s only available in theaters for the time being. 

Fans will have no trouble killing time as they wait for The Marksman to show up on streaming sites, with plenty of Neeson thrillers to get in the mood for his latest. It’s either that or watch Taken for the fiftieth time.

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