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Has the pandemic put a crimp in your movie going style? Here's all the places you can see 'The Craft: Legacy' for free.

Want to see ‘The Craft: Legacy’? Watch for free on these sites

2020 has been an awful year for movie fans. Coronavirus has shut down movie theaters across the globe, delaying nearly every major release this year to 2021 or later. Even the movies that did come out this year got pushed to streaming video on demand services, trying to charge twenty bucks or more to buy a movie you don’t even know if you like. Movies like Scoob, Antebellum, and The Craft: Legacy all felt the pain.

The Craft: Legacy serves as both a sequel & reboot of the original 1996 cult classic, The Craft. Following three high school-aged witches, they recruit a fourth member to their coven to perform rituals & spells. But they fail to realize what their powers are able to do, and create a mess only they have the power to fix.

If you still want to check out The Craft: Legacy, but don’t have any money to spare, there’s plenty of places to check it out for free. Keep in mind by visiting these websites, you acknowledge there may be pirated content on them, which is illegal. These websites are also not exactly safe, so make sure you have updated antivirus software before you go searching for the movie.


A longstanding movie website, it would be hard to believe 123Movies doesn’t have The Craft: Legacy on there. While the original 123Movies was shut down in 2018, clone sites still exist offering the same quality rips of films as the original 123Movies. Just know if you go on one of these sites, it’s not the real 123Movies.

Popcorn Time

The free application is available for nearly every streaming device & computer software on earth. Relying on BitTorrent, Popcorn Time almost acts like a streaming service, where you get a selection of popular content and can search for more specific titles. Not only is The Craft: Legacy on the app, you can stream the original The Craft with it.


Another massively popular pirating site, Putlocker is technically designed for all file types, not just movies. However, the majority of the content located on Putlocker along with its clone sites are movies. You can stream The Craft: Legacy with very little issue off of Putlocker.

Solarmovies is another long-standing streaming website offering nearly every movie under the sun for free. Updated regularly, it would be hard to believe you couldn’t find The Craft: Legacy on the site. Similar to Popcorn Time, you can watch The Craft on the same night you watch The Craft: Legacy.


AZMovies’s slogan reads “It’s free and always will be”, and so far, that motto has been true. If you want to stream nearly any movie, not just The Craft: Legacy, for free, check out AZMovie’s massive collection. Plus, it has one of the nicer interfaces out of the list making it easy to find the movie you want.

If you’re willing to deal with an excessive amount of ads, we can almost guarantee you’ll find an HD version of The Craft: Legacy on The website almost always has an HD version for the movies it has, which means its selection is smaller than other sites on this list.


Kodi itself isn’t a website to stream, but an application where you can access several streaming sites at once. Once you install the proper restrictions, you can search across numerous websites to find the best quality copy of The Craft: Legacy for your viewing pleasure.

The Pirate Bay

If you’d rather torrent The Craft: Legacy than stream it directly, turn to the largest torrent site on the dark web. Multiple attempts have been made to shut down The Pirate Bay over the years, yet the site pops back up under a different URL each time.

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