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We know the Steam Summer Sale is coming soon, and we have predictions on what will be heavily discounted this year. Get ready for some heavy gaming!

Get your summer gaming on: The Steam sales you don’t want to miss

Steam, the highly popular PC gaming service founded by acclaimed developer Valve, is known for its incredible deals during their annual summer and winter sales. Gamers are spoiled with some high-quality titles at staggeringly low prices, and usually the specific dates for these sales are kept under wraps.

A SteamDB (Steam Database) developer, Pavel Djundik, recently tweeted that his sources in China have confirmed the 2020 sale will run from June 25 to July 9. While this is still hearsay, it comes from a reliable source. SteamDB has been pretty accurate when leaking previous info such as summer sale dates and upcoming features.

So what can one expect from a summer sale?

Well, it’s still hard to say. Summer sales tend to be all about the surprise, getting gamers interested by the hype surrounding the mystery rather than any concrete details on what will be on sale. It’s the prices that speak for themselves. 

However, judging by previous year’s sales, it will mostly have classic and semi-recent triple A titles on sale. The Resident Evil 3 remake and Doom Eternal can be expected as big sellers. However, major games with releases closer to the sale will not, usually because developers want people buying them at full retail price for at least a few months after they drop. 

So major titles like the Fairy Tale anime game, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle of Bikini Bottom, and Disintegration will probably remain at full price.

And for anyone hyped for the release of The Last of Us: Part II, it should go without saying that a PS4 exclusive will not be on sale, let alone even available on Steam. But, if you liked The Last of Us, it’s likely you’re more of a console gamer anyways. 

Here’s a few extra predictions that may make it on the Steam summer sale.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

While Mortal Kombat 11 released all the back in April 2019, there has been a surplus of bonus content released in the last year, including guest characters and new skins, as well as a short DLC story pack titled Aftermath which was released at the end of May. 

It’s very possible the entire game, and especially this DLC, will be heavily discounted during the sale, so anyone who waited to purchase it can expect to purchase the entire game, bonus content and all, for a very reasonable price.

Half-Life: Alyx

Valve’s legendary –and still unfinished– game series returned this year with a potential holdover for the long-awaited and potentially never-ever-releasing Half-Life 3. However, this entry in the series experiments with a VR experience and can be played with most PC-compatible VR headsets.

Since this is Valve’s most iconic series, it wouldn’t be any surprise if it were to land a spot in the Steam sale for any VR gamers to try out for themselves.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered 

The remastered version of Modern Warfare 2, of the most popular and enduring FPS games of all time, is not yet available on Steam, though the original version is, as is the remaster of the original Modern Warfare game. This remaster of Modern Warfare 2 was released on April 30, and is generally available for PC.

Perhaps we’ll get to see MW2, in full 2020 4K glory, drop on Steam sometime during the summer sale at a cheap price. While it’s a long shot, it wouldn’t be all that surprising considering the series remains popular to this day, and it would be a nice surprise for any avid FPS fan using the service.

X-COM: Chimera Squad

Releasing in April 2020, the turn-based strategy game is the fourth entry in the rebooted X-COM series, which began in 2012. Given its release date and general popularity, it would be a shoe-in for the Steam sale.

Not to mention, it was given favorable reviews but not much acclaim, meaning some gamers may have skipped it to wait for the price to drop before taking a gamble on it. The Steam sale would be the prime opportunity for Chimera Squad to shine, and open the increasingly niche series up to a new audience. 

Steam sales are always a surprise, and there’s no telling what the prices will look like or what games will or won’t be on the sale. However, there’s no doubt that something featured will appeal to you, and you may even find a new game or series you love but never would’ve tried otherwise.

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