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Escape Room: The tournament of Champions free streaming will be available to watch full movies123 exclusively in theatres when it releases on July 16th.

Escape Room 2: Watch Free from Universal Way

“Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” will likely be available to watch from the comfort of your own home sometime in the future, but for now, you’ll just have to head to the cinema starting on July 16 to see it.

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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, which sees the return of filmmaker Adam Robitel, and stars Logan Miller, Taylor Russell, and Deborah Ann Woll, is estimated to make $7M-$8M this weekend at 2,815 locations.  The sequel cost before P&A was $15M and Sony protected the movie for a theatrical release versus dumping it to a streamer during the pandemic.

‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ is set after the events of the first film in which siblings Zoey and Ben survive the grueling escape room challenges they are put through. The siblings decide to take down the Minos Escape Rooms Corporation.

What is Escape Room: Tournament of Champions? Escape Room 2 release date and essential details

In 2019, the psychological horror film Escape Room cleverly spun a fashionable pastime into a nightmare scenario, throwing a bunch of strangers into a series of intricate puzzle rooms with a deadly twist. As first one player then another perished in a succession of trap-filled chambers it was clear that the Puzzle Maker behind this game was playing for keeps.

Released on 16 r more gruesome penalties as the clock ticks down. And there at the heart of it all, the two survivors of the first film’s events, Zoey and Ben, mentally scarred but hungry to take the fight to Minos, the shadowy organization behind it all.

What is Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is the sequel to the surprisingly good (well, maybe not good but okay) Escape Room. Released in 2019, Escape Room could’ve been just another Saw knock-off but in July 2021, 

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is upping the ante in every way possible: grander, more elaborate life-or-death scenarios, more fiendish puzzles with evened up being way more clever than it had any right to be. 


With Zoey unwilling to let their terrifying ordeal in Minos’s deadly escape rooms go, she persuades fellow survivor Ben to accompany her to what she has deduced must be the organization’s headquarters in Manhattan.

But instead of leading the pair to Minos – and to retribution against the company that organizes gruesome pay-per-view events for wealthy people to enjoy – the clues are merely breadcrumbs designed to trap Zoey and Ben in a fresh series of fiendish and deadly escape rooms.

And they’re not alone – alongside them is a group of ‘winners’ from previous Mino’s tournaments. Can the players survive a second game? Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

Escape Room 2 cast and characters. Who is in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?

We suspect the creatively crafty minds behind Escape Room: Tournament of Champions may be keeping some surprising characters from view for now but, to get us started, here are the (unwilling) participants in Minos’s latest game:

TAYLOR RUSSELL (Lost in Space, Waves) is Zoey Davis

Traumatized by a plane crash that killed her mother, student Zoey retreated into her studies and barely looked up. That is until Minos was looking for ‘lucky’ survivors to take part in their latest escape room event. She grew a lot during the events of Escape Room (2019), but is she a match for the devious Minos?

LOGAN MILLER (Love, Simon, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse) is Ben Miller

Like Zoey, Ben was the sole survivor of an accident, lured to take part in Minos’s Chicago event. He, too, has grown in confidence and is 100% behind Zoey’s plan to try and bring Minos to justice. But will the pair’s bond survive another round of escape rooms?

INDYA MOORE (Queen & Slim, Pose) is Brianna

All we know about Brianna right now is that she is a social media influencer. Like all of her fellow players, Brianna has previously survived a Mino’s event but was she a team player, or did she win at the expense of others?

HOLLAND RODEN (Follow Me, Teen Wolf) is Rachel

Key to Rachel’s previous ‘win’ in Minos’s escape rooms was her inability to feel pain. She dreads to think what new horrors the Puzzle Maker have waiting for her this time around.

THOMAS COCQUEREL (The 100, In Like Flynn) is Nathan

Nathan is a priest. How far will his faith protect him from the sadistic traps Minos has constructed between the players and their salvation?

Is there an Escape Room 2 trailer?

The Escape Room: Tournament of Champions trailer has dropped and you can watch it below.

Showcasing some truly diabolical new escape rooms, the Escape Room 2 trailer reveals Minos has upped its budget and ambition since its Chicago event.

 A pretty-as-a-postcard beach complete with deadly quicksand; a vast bank hall with pressure pad-activated laser grid; a subway car with way more volts of electricity flowing through its metal surfaces than is strictly necessary.

And that’s just the poison-dipped tip of the murder-berg that awaits Zoey, Ben, and the other players.

Why should you escape to ODEON to watch Escape Room: Tournament of Champions?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ psychological horror offers top-flight big-screen escapism. Conspiracy, mystery, and cliffhanger after edge-of-the-seat cliffhanger – this is going to be a lot of fun.

For a high-concept horror film that could have gone to a lot less effort, the original Escape Room was packed with surprisingly complex and satisfying characters. Zoey and Ben are back and we can’t wait to see how they fare alongside a new group of escape room winners.

What better film to share with mates? The jumps, the heart-in-the-mouth moments. And then there’s the inevitable post-movie analysis. Who’d be your group’s resourceful Zoey? The dogged, good-hearted Ben? You’ll be talking about this one for ages…

Unlike the Minos Escape Rooms Corporation, here at ODEON, we like to make it very easy and safe for you to enjoy immersive indoor entertainment with your mates.

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