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How to stream the upcoming UFC fights for free

You might know where to stream your favorite movies & T.V. shows online for free, but what about sports? Free streaming is definitely a complex topic due to all the security situations regarding it as well as the content diversity. In this postmodern era where everything costs and streaming services have more exclusive content, users are obligated to pay for several platforms. 

And when it comes to sports UFC fights can be some of the most expensive content to watch both live and online. In FilmDaily our free streaming articles are particularly  dedicated to those who love sports and want to live stream events for free. Nonetheless, that fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul let us stung for more box fights so we’ll focus on UFC content. 

Nonetheless, the platforms enlisted below might be useful to stream other sports, events, and even regular T.V. When it comes to real life, the PPV price for a UFC event is around $74.99 per event. This puts boxing as one of the most expensive sports to watch, although no sports watching is cheap since the ESPN+ subscription isn’t precisely easy to pay. 

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This website is ideal to watch live sports events for free. This platform is loved by sports fanatics due to the sports diversity coverage it has. You can use Stream2Watch when it comes to basketball. However, there’s a full repertoire for baseball, boxing, NFL, golf, hockey, motorsport, soccer, rugby, tennis, UFC, and wrestling. And it’s completely free. 

Stream2Watch provides all live sports streams content without having to make an account, a click on the link you want will be enough. If you’re a sports fan in general this is a website you should keep near to you, it would take you out of several streaming troubles!

UFC Streams 

This is an UFC box focused streaming site, as its name says UFC Streams is a streaming site that mainly focuses on combat sports. There you’ll be able to find numerous MMA, UFC, and boxing events exclusively. Also, several of the streams can be found in HD quality, if you’re lucky you might even find some 4K streams on the site, so it’s highly recommended. 

This MMA streaming site is also a marvelous option for following live matches. Nonetheless, unlike other free streaming sites the bad thing is that it does not host any videos of past matches. So if what you’re looking for is to catch up regarding a fight you missed or to re-watch a match, you’ll have to look for it on another platform.

Something  UFC streams offers unlike other platforms  is that it keeps a win-loss record of fighters as well as ranking them in weight categories. So this is a great option for live streaming battles!

Crack Streams

CrackStreams is a free & ideal platform to stream different types of sports events,  obviously UFC-related. However, you can also use this page to stream NFL, CBF, XFL, MMA and NBA content. Another great site for sports lovers in general. 

You can find plenty of sports free of charge at CrackStreams, however, you need to make sure you have fast internet, otherwise content will probably buffer. Yet, once you’ve chosen the UFC stream you want to watch, you’ll be taken to the available live streams and schedule page. Even though this is a great free site, something that has to be mentioned is that the number of streamed sporting events is limited.

Being completely fair & honest, sometimes quality isn’t the best at CrackStreams, but it depends on several factors. However, in general terms, the platform does a good job considering you’re not spending a dollar by using it. 

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