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Looking for your next family movie night? Find out how to watch 'Sing 2' online from home for free! Here are all the details about the new animated musical.

‘Sing 2’: Can you stream this movie free for your kids this holiday?

Sing’s original animated movie features a series of adorable animal singers determined to save their local theater. When the film was released in 2016, fans fell in love with its musical charm and warm-hearted sentiments. Now, audiences rush to see the sequel, Sing 2: Come and Sing Again, currently playing in theaters. 

Illumination has released the new Sing 2 movie on December 22nd, 2021, and can be seen in a comfy theater with the perks of popcorn & treats. Yet, as COVID rears its head with another new strain – people are looking for alternative ways of enjoying the glitz & glam of the most talented creatures of the animal kingdom. Don’t fret! We’re sharing all the ways to watch the new Sing 2 movie for free.

Sing 2 has ‘musical pep’ 

Sing 2: Come and Sing Again returns with an even bigger & greater dream. This time, the adventure includes a big city, a new glamorous show & stardom. The inspirational & lovable Koala, Buster Moon, and his singing/acting fellow critters are ready to wow the world. 

The talented cast embarks on a brand new project, hoping to knock everyone’s socks off with their new rendition of Alice in Wonderland at the Crystal Tower Theater in the glamorous Redshore City. 

The New York Times says the Sing 2 movie has  “musical pep” and an enjoyable lineup of tunes. The publication states, “Sing 2, a grasping sequel by the returning director, Garth Jennings, opens with the troupe attempting to impress a talent scout with the kind of ramshackle ditty that won over fans in the original.”

“. . . But when the scout (Chelsea Peretti) sniffs that a fluffle of bunnies wailing “Let’s Go Crazy” on electric guitars is merely a “cute little show,” an offended Buster (the theater owner, played by Matthew McConaughey) and company set out to conquer Redshore City, the animal world’s Las Vegas.”

To make a big splash in a big city, the gang tries to convince rock legend Clay Calloway (played by U2’s Bono) to be a part of the show. Buster Moon is determined and willing to do whatever he can to bring his talented ensemble of animal critters to the big leagues of stardom as he & his team convince the rockstar to come out of his fifteen-year hiatus.

Catchy songs & wildly fun entertainment 

Let us not forget the best part of Sing 2, the character’s trials & tribulations that put a humanistic attribute to the all-animal cast. As Buster Moon aims to stage an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland to impress a big-shot scouting agent, many of the performers find themselves in showtime predicaments. 

Meena, the elephant, has difficulty navigating her performance in a romantic duo that lacks chemistry. The famous rock-star lion, Clay Calloway, deals with the passing of his wife, and Johnny, the gorilla, deals with an overbearing instructor while practicing for his climactic dance/fight scene.

The moral of the story is that Meena learns how to conquer her fears. Johnny learns how to earn respect (and give it in return), and Clay learns to deal with heartbreak. It’s an enjoyable movie for people of all ages sprinkled with emotional lessons & personable growth. Check out the Sing 2 movie for catchy songs & wildly fun entertainment.

The Sing & Sing 2 movies are known for the covers of hit songs that everybody loves and a  sensational spirit to achieve one’s dreams. Some covers to expect are Billie Eilish, Drake, U2, The Weeknd, Prince, Taylor Swift, BTS, Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Shawn Mendes, & Camila Cabello.

If the kids are looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Sing’s all-star cast, consider streaming the movie online for free this holiday. Find the new Sing 2 movie on Plutostreams, 123movies & Reddit. Enjoy a robust soundtrack and a tear-jerking personal story that should leave your heart singing. 

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