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It can be difficult to find an efficient way to sharpen a cigar cutter. Take a look at some important things you should know that can help.

How to sharpen a cigar cutter

Cigars are a part of the elite side of smoking. While many of the population might condemn cigarettes and smoking, no one can disagree that cigars are classy and elegant. For this very reason, cigars are loved and owned by a relatively smaller fraction of people. These people not only love smoking cigars on special occasions and with friends, but some also collect them. There are many such cigar lovers all over the world, who enjoy not only smoking but also collecting the best cigars among them romeo y julieta cigars, cohiba robusto or san cristobal cigar.

Collecting and smoking cigars also warrants having a cigar cutter or even the best keychain cigar cutter which can be used to properly shape the cigar before you smoke it. The right kind of cutter is essential when working with cigars. 

That’s because the quality of the cutter directly affects your experience in smoking a cigar. If the cutter is blunt or worn out, it will not correctly cut through the cigar, resulting in blockage of air passages and low smoking experience quality.

On the other hand, a good cutter is sharp enough to entirely cut through a cigar so that there is a proper airway for smoking and the smoker can enjoy the taste of the cigar properly. 

Many cigar companies also cigar cutters. However, all companies differ in the quality of cutters they produce and have different lifespans for their cutters. One of the best companies manufacturing cigar cutters is Xikar and Colibri. Both these companies provide cigar cutters with a long life. 

Besides providing good quality cutters, they also offer cutter sharpening services. That is so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of sharpening your cigar cutter. 

It is possible to sharpen a cigar cutter on your own, but when you do it by yourself, you can only sharpen a small fraction of the blade. That can cause you to completely missing the cutter’s sides that can only be sharpened after removing the casing. Only the manufacturers and people dealing with cigars professionally have the tools and means to remove the case, sharpen the blade and then put the casing back on.

This is why it is advised to send your cutter back to the manufacturer for sharpening as they can do a better job at it than you. However, this process can take from around 4 to 12 weeks, which can be a long time to wait.

If you’re using a blade that has worn out, do not bother going to the company with it. Chances are, its warranty has run out too. It is better to purchase a new cutter for your cigars instead of using the same old cutter that can ruin your cigar smoking experience. Cigar cutters are not very expensive, so you can easily get one at an economical price. 

If you use a cigar cutter with stainless steel blades, you can make the blades cleaner and sharper by putting the cutter in warm water. After some time, you will notice that all tobacco residue will come off the blades. Once that happens, you can remove the cutter and dry it out with a towel or hairdryer. This will significantly enhance the quality of the edge and will make your experience with cutting cigars better. 

However, if you own a plastic cutter, it is best to get rid of it and instead buy yourself a stainless-steel cigar cutter that will last longer and will give you a better cutting and shaping experience with your cigars. At the end of the day, nobody wants to waste their precious cigars away on terrible cutters. 

Make sure to always buys good quality cutters for your cigars and if they need sharpening, just send them to the manufacturer. They will do a great job at revamping your cutter. 

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