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There’s nothing shameless about sex – unless we’re discussing 'Shameless' sex. We're diving into the best sex scenes from the show.

The funniest and horniest ‘Shameless’ sex scenes of all time

Let’s talk about sex, baby. There’s nothing shameless about sex – unless we’re discussing Shameless sex scenes. No, we aren’t talking about the UK version, but the beloved U.S. TV show from Showtime. 

Shameless has brought us ten seasons; the eleventh will be its last. To celebrate the laughs, tears, and a whole lotta naked people, let’s dive into the best sex scenes from Shameless.

Fiona & Steve . . . or is it Jimmy?

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) & con-artist Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) carry on a love-hate relationship from Shameless season 1 till Jimmy’s exit. Jimmy introduces himself as Steve initially, as he attempts to woo Fiona Gallagher. 

Fiona deals with a lot of baggage in the form of five other siblings, an absent mother, and a drunkard father. When Jimmy/Steve is welcomed into the Gallagher household, he’s thrown into the deep end – literally! The first time the doomed couple meet leads to a hot sex session in the kitchen, but they’re interrupted before the explosive finale. 😅

Sheila & Frank

Cue the shudders, guys & gals. Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is known everywhere as a mess. Shameless’s ten seasons follow the trail of destruction left by Frank and his bad decisions. Agoraphobic Sheila Jackson (Joan Cusack) is introduced in season 1 and certainly leaves an impression. Frank & Sheila develop a disturbing relationship and their sex life is all kinds of wrong.

Sheila’s not only agoraphobic, but has an array of sexual kinks she demonstrates with Frank using her box of (not-so) fun! 🤮 The results are hilarious – even if they give us nightmares. 

Professor Runyon & teacher’s pet Lip

In season 5, Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) worries about losing his college scholarship and only has days left on campus. 🥴 Lip’s the most intelligent Gallagher and has the capabilities to achieve greatness, but the Gallagher curse appears to be inescapable. 

Lip turns to Professor Runyon (Sasha Alexander) before his time at MIT is over. Things get heated and Runyon makes it clear she can’t fraternize with students – but that doesn’t stop the pair from going at it in the office. In true Shameless fashion, this sex scene is interrupted, but Runyon makes it clear she was with a student. It’s just all sorts of wrong.

Mickey & Ian

Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) & Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) are doomed lovers since they first meet in season 1. Their messy relationship has given us all kinds of funny, awkward, and hot sex scenes over the years. 

In Shameless season 7, Ian’s first love Mickey escapes from prison and tries hunting him down. Once the pair reunites, a few romantic glances are exchanged before they have sex over a pile of . . . rocks? Ouch. 😝 Whatever makes those crazy kids happy. 

Veronica & Kevin

Shameless’s naughty neighbors Kev & V provide numerous sex scenes and even broadcast their extracurricular activities on the Internet. The husband & wife definitely aren’t letting their sex life diminish and we don’t even want to know what it’s like to be their neighbor. 

It’s hard to nail down just one sex scene between Kev & V, but we’re sure any of them will satisfy your prurient cravings. 🤤

Debbie & Julia . . . and Julia’s mom

More Shameless characters exploring their sexuality? Let’s just say we’re psyched! Debbie isn’t afraid to try things new, even if she’s unsure at first. She definitely seems to be enjoying herself.

With a series of unfortunate events, Debbie finally gets to explore who she is as a person. Initially starting an affair with Julia’s mom, the sex scene that occurs between Debbie & Julia is all kinds of hot. 🔥 We stan!

Have we still not quenched your thirst? Here’s our article discussing even more sex scenes from Showtime’s Shameless. Let us know your favorite scenes in the comments.

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