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Seth Jared is offering a digital marketing blueprint course. Find out why the course is not all its cracked up to be here.

Seth Jared Digital Marketing Blueprint Course Review (DON’T BUY, SCAM WARNING)

The Internet currently has a plethora of ways to make money online, work from anywhere. Freelancing and working from home have been popular since the pandemic. Employees find the setup convenient, while employers find it cost-effective.

The pandemic has caused a lot more scams to come out in the world and Seth’s course is definitely one of the biggest ones right now.

To keep up with the times, some people turn to freelancing. However, freelancing necessitates some abilities, which can be self-taught or acquired with the assistance of mentors or coaches. If you want to enter the world of freelancing but aren’t sure what skills you’ll need, you can enroll in a variety of online courses.

Because there are so many remote work alternatives, there are also a lot of fraudulent online course providers out there. Be wary of con artists that promise you the best courses but don’t deliver on their promises.

One of them is Digital Marketing Career Blueprint by Seth Jared Hymes and Matt Tran. Hymes is a digital marketer and creator of the said online course, while the latter is the creator of the YouTube channel called Engineered Truth. 

Matt Tran promotes Seth Jared’s digital marketing course on Engineered Truth and offers discounts to students, career shifters, and freelancers who wish to learn new skills or upskill.

They are essentially business partners where they both promote scams together to take advantage of vulnerable children.

Matt Tran is known to promote scams such as Dan Lok’s program in the past. Dan Lok is a liar, a scammer, and anything else that constitutes FRAUD. His confidence and his lying so often makes one wonder if he has ever told the truth. 

If you’re considering to buy anything from Seth Jared and Matt Tran, continue to read this article to see how much of a scammer these 2 are and how they’ve stolen money from impressionable teenagers.

The Con Artists 

Seth Jared Hymes

The owner and creator of the online course Digital Marketing Blueprint. The goal of the course is to teach you basic online skills, how to gain experience, how to apply for jobs, and where to find resources to help you land your first job in digital marketing.

Seth Jared, tagged as a “fake guru” is not the hands-on type when it comes to his students. He does not provide reviews for his student’s work or resumé. In short, many students are angry since they do not receive adequate value for their money in such a course although the goal seems appealing. 

Another thing with Seth Jared’s course is that it is a watered down material of Isaac Rudansky’s Ultimate Google Ads. Imagine that you’re actually taking courses that were created by others and are already outdated.

Seth Jared Charges $800 for a course where all the information is stolen from youtube videos.

 Furthermore, once you buy the course, you will be directed to other online courses for $10 (less than the cost of the Digital Marketing Blueprint), or you will be advised to read books or watch other free YouTube videos.

Almost ALL the content inside his course is rehashed.

Fake Live Webinar

Seth Jared and Matt Tran uses a sleazy sales tactic that scammers have been using for years, which is a fake live webinar.

These webinars pretend to be live so they can trick you into feeling there’s urgency and keep you on the site.

When in reality it’s pre-recorded and is just used psychology to trick you into buying and getting scammed.

Now if you think that’s something new, Matt Tran has been scamming people with psychology webinars for YEARS now, and this is not his first one

You can check below an old webinar he did with Dan Lok and the scam he promoted 


The sales and psychology tactic is the exact same one as you see inside Seth’s webinar

Coincidence? It’s clear they’re tricking you to buy by using a fake webinar.

These are basically fake seminar scams that trick people into getting “free training” when in reality it is a 2 hour sales pitch.

Real Face Behind Seth Jared’s Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Course

Now, if you think this was bad, Seth is not even the person even running the program. The main person running the program is in the background, he doesn’t show his face in the business or talk about the business because of the bad public relations.

But the one who’s making the most money from this is Matt Tran.

Matt Tran and Seth Jared have been working together on selling this course for years now and have continually scammed people with courses for Amazon FBA, Facebook Advertising, (both by kevin david) 

Tricking people into buying overpriced career courses on software engineering with Techlead, as well as overpriced courses.

Matt earns $20k per month by selling scams like the Blueprint Digital Marketing Course by Seth Hymes. He uses the content videos to funnel viewers into his money-making videos. 

The “money video” example was a student testimonial positioned as a story: how the student got a job in digital marketing without a degree. Additionally, he makes around $3k a month from YouTube ads. He will upload 7 videos to funnel viewers to his money making videos, and then upload a video marketing the course every 8th video, or roughly once every two months.


Doesn’t seem like anything harmful until you actually research Matt Tran and what he’s been capable of doing for the past decade of selling scams.

Scammy Fake Reviews Through Affiliate Marketing

At first when I researched them I thought it seemed like a legitimate course with alot of great reviews,

What you’re about to read is going to be eye opening to the type of things they’re willing to do to trick people

What I didn’t know about Seth’s course is that you just can’t trust anyone who talks about it. Because they could be all fake (which they probably are).

If you didn’t know, Seth has his course on a website called clickbank.

Clickbank is a website that allows you to sell other people’s products through affiliate marketing

For example, if someone buys Seth’s course through your affiliate link you make money.

Why do you think there’s so many good reviews for his course? Probably all fake.


You can see an article from Freedom Bound Business, pretty good article right? Wrong.

They make money from selling you fake a dream


You can see right up there, the ?r_done=1 after you click the link is a tracker. It is a tracking code that allows people to take commission whenever they make money from buying from that links.

That is exactly how Seth Jared tricks you into buying, he most likely promotes fake reviews that are not FTC compliant, and pays people money to write good things about him.

Fake Paid Reviews That is Against FTC Regulations

This sales tactic is the definition of a job scam:

Seth jared also knows very well how to have his affiliates (people promoting his products) make fake reviews. Examples here are obviously extremely biased reviews from his affiliates.

Did you know that they are breaking FTC law? 

These people have affiliate links that make money from promoting Seth’s course, this is called affiliate marketing.

Now as disgusting as these fake reviews are, they’re not even disclosing that they make money if you buy from their link, which is not legal in the US.

The FTC states you must disclose affiliate links and how you make money from them. 


Guess which product is the most anticipated on clickbank for affiliates to promote and lie about?

That’s right. Seth Jared’s course.

If you don’t believe me you can see the reviews yourself, most of them are getting paid to write good reviews about him.

Absolutely disgusting if you think about it. The issues don’t stop there, because this is where things get worse. 

Because now you’re going to uncover why this is the biggest scam on the internet, scamming young teenagers.

Matt Tran Has Been Making Scam Courses For YEARS

Like I mentioned, Matt Tran is the real person behind this course as he’s Seth’s Business Partner, and I want to prove how he’s been selling make money online and job courses to desperate people and scamming them for years now.

In this section I’ll show you with full proof and reuploaded videos how he’s been providing scams to teenagers and people trying to make an honest living, and scamming them out of thousands of dollars with online courses like Seth Jared’s course.

These courses all use the same tactic with fake testimonials from affiliates, doxxing and false copyright claims to remove any negative reviews, and costing thousands of dollars to get content you can find on youtube for free.

Who is Matt Tran

He is Seth Jared Hymes’ business partner. Tran graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering but decided to pursue a career as a YouTuber instead. As previously stated, he promotes the Digital Marketing Blueprint through his own YouTube channel, the Engineered Truth. 

Doxxing Other Critics & Negative Reviews

Right now there are mostly only positive reviews about Seth’s course. Why is this? It’s because matt tran, part business owner of the program, threatens to dox and reveal private information of other people whenever there’s negative review




You can look up on youtube yourself ‘matt tran doxxing’ and tons of negative reviews come up

Tran does not take critics lightly. As a matter of fact, commenters have been doxxed in the past for making negative comments about his channel or the Digital Marketing Blueprint Course. If you have a YouTube channel and make a bad remark on Engineered Truth, you will either be reported or be flagged for copyright violations by Tran himself.


Tren Black is one of Tran’s victims, who he blackmailed as a result of the former’s unfavorable comments about his channel. Tran also threatened other career channels for a copyright strike in case of bad reviews. A copyright strike is a downfall of a YouTube channel because it can penalize or shut down an account for that matter.

Tran is either an ally or a foe. If you happen to stumble into his YouTube channel, be careful not to provide criticism that isn’t appropriate for his tastes, or you’ll suffer the same fate as Black and other career channels as a result of Tran’s vengeance.

Tran has also been linked to Bitconnect, a cryptocurrency investment fraud. Tran uses his influence as a YouTuber to persuade people to invest using his referral code. Investors lose their money in the end, while Tran gains money in the process. And of course, it is now deleted. Good thing that all crypto fans were able to keep the list of crypto ponzi schemes and people who are/were promoting them on YouTube. It is also on Reddit.

Tran uses his clout to attract his viewers to avail of Seth Jared’s course. As a business partner, Tran earns a money for every student who enrolled through his YouTube channel as they split profit, therefore he threatens to leak private information for anyone unhappy with the course

Problem #2 Matt Tran (admittedly) promoting get rich quick scams for the past decade to young impressionable children who don’t know better.

Matt Tran is obviously Seth’s business partner, but due to criticism that was revealed about him by big youtubers, he doesn’t dare to talk about it or promote anymore as it will hurt sales, but he is still affiliated with the business even if he doesn’t outwardly speak about it

You won’t see him promoting Seth’s course anymore because everyone knows he’s a scammer, so he now uses Seth Jared as the face of the course to scam more people.

They have made constant videos together about promoting the course. But as soon as they were found out, Matt Tran removed all the videos of them.

Luckily I reuploaded them for you to see and linked below with screenshots of them promoting the course



You can see that the video is now even deleted. Why is he no longer promoting the course to his audience? 

It’s clear, if you knew what kind of scams he promoted and the amount of people he doxxed, scammed, stole from, you wouldn’t buy from him. So instead he would tell Seth to sell for him instead. 

If Matt Tran or his business ‘engineered truth’ you’ll be shocked at what comes up

Here are blatant examples of Scams Matt Tran promoted in the past:

Matt Tran promoting scam programs such as Dan Lok HTC 


The scammy webinar that tries to steal people’s money


You can see before Seth Jared’s make money webinar and course, matt tran was already scamming people with this other course for fastest and easiest way to make 100k-500k a year working a few hours a day

Look similar to the webinar you see for Seth Jared?

Below are more videos and full evidence of him promoting Dan Lok’s Scams


This is just like seth jared’s scam webinar, the quick rich scheme.

They pull you into a webinar where they teach you about a career where in reality it’s just a way to get rich quick

Matt tran even accepting that it’s a scam (he deleted the video and replace it with an apology video)


Dan Lok Scammer 

You can see seth jared’s scam webinar is just like the one right here, its’ because matt tran 

writes  most of it himself and just has the actor (in this case seth jared or dan lok) talk about it


It’s a fake live sales presentation where they use psychology to trick you into buying. Do not fall for his sales tactics.

Think of the people Matt Tran has partnered with in the past, it really shows the type of person he is. People have been getting scammed by Matt Tran’s get rich quick opportunities for years… the saddest is Dan Lok’s course that Matt Promoted.


Now you can see Dan Lok is one of the biggest scammers in the internet, you can see he’s scammed people for $20,000+ 


You can research this yourself by just searching in youtube ‘dan lok scam’. Tons of Matt’s students have been fully scammed by Dan Lok as they were previous business partners.

You think that’s bad? Let’s move on to the other scams that he promotes.

Kevin David

Matt is also actively promoting Kevin David’s Amazon course. There is a fake webinar where he will  say “All you had to do” was watch this webinar. But by the end of it, it would be nothing more than a sales pitch for something very, very expensive. It’s even worse when you think back to that webinar you watched and feel that you gained little or nothing from it. 


Below is full evidence he is promoting another make money online scam with Kevid David as an affiliate


 Kevin David says things like, “I’ll show you how to make thousands in a few days.”. This is not the case in reality. He literally sells false hopes and dreams to desperate people.  In his sales videos, there are still some outrageous (and illegal) claims about how you can earn some crazy money within a few months. The same old methods of telling people how much they can earn. 


In the end, the FTC stepped in, and they determined that Kevin’s misrepresentations in the course were an act of fraud.

Below is a link to prove how much of a scam Kevin David is and Matt Tran promoting his course

Kevin david uses the exact same copyright infringement tactic to take down negative review videos as Matt Tran



Here’s full evidence that Seth Jared, Matt Tran, and Kevin David are all doing the same things of stealing other people’s content and reuploading it to their course.



Matt Tran also endorsed the largest scam in cryptocurrency. It appeared that Bitconnect was a “lending platform”. You could u



The same applies to promoting Bitconnect and investing in it to get rich quick. While Matt’s audiences are investing, he collects a certain percentage of the money.

All these scammers, Dan Lok, Seth Jared, Kevin David, Matt Tran, all use the exact same scammy sales tactic that Matt has been using with Seth.

  1. Fake live ‘Free Webinar’ that is just a sales presentation to use psychology to trick you to buying
  2.  Forcing you to buy outrageous amount of information that’s free on the internet for thousands of dollars (after you buy the course)
  3. No commitment on the refund and taking your money

Lies and Promises!

According to disappointed students, both Seth Jared and Matt Tran are only after their money. They do not deliver what they promise from the start of the course to job assistance. Even the refund guarantee is a fraud. 

From the start, the Digital Marketing Blueprint promises to provide learners of new skills an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing but to no avail. Moreover, the Digital Marketing Blueprint comprises YouTube video courses that are available for free, and therefore non-enrollees can watch it. 

Help is not provided especially when students have questions or need assistance from Seth Jared. He does not reply to emails or provide suggestions on how someone can improve his resumé or skills further. 

Even the webinars are pre-recorded, so you won’t be able to ask Seth Jared or his staff questions in person. 

They do not give job assistance as well and as a result, students are left in the dark following the training.

It has also been discovered that student reviews are fraudulent and hyped. Positive reviews are generated as a way to attract more enrollees and they get compensated in exchange eventually.

These lies clearly cause misery to students who merely want to learn new skills or upskill but end up being duped. This occurred at the height of the pandemic when people just wanted to have stable jobs at home.

How to avoid scams

Be careful

Online courses might help you advance professionally if you want to change careers or become a freelancer. Again, be cautious when selecting an online course provider so that you are not dissatisfied after completing the course.

Do background checks

Check out the online course provider’s reviews and do background checks before enrolling. Since time and money are of the essence, don’t waste your time and money on scam online courses. Make sure you’re getting your training from industry professionals who are trustworthy, dependable, and deliver on their promises to those who purchase their courses. 

If you would like a way to actually make income online, I actually have a course teaching you exactly how to do this. Visit this  website and achieve financial freedom.

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