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Best Fests: Screenwriting start October the write way!

Best Fests: Get the scoop on the hottest screenwriting contests to enter this October, from Scriptapalooza TV to the Film Daily Screenwriting Contest.

Best Fests: Screenwriting start October the write way!

Scriptapalooza TV
What: Founded in 1998, this competition has generated heat, publicity and garnered respect in the industry.
When: Deadline is October 16
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: Over $3000 in cash prizes
Categories: Pilot, Sitcom, Reality, 1 Hour Drama
Judges: Dan Benamor, Nasser Entertainment (American Heist), Laura Gardner, Film Rites (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Jeff Foremost, Zero Gravity Management (The Accountant).

Film Daily Screenwriting Contest
What: We launched our screenwriting competition to help provide a platform for these voices: the voices of this generation. Each month we launch a new opportunity for talented screenwriters and their genre work.
When: Regular deadline is October 13
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: Over £6000 in cash prizes
Categories: Comedy Feature Film Script, Comedy Short Film Script, Comedy TV Pilot Script, Drama Feature Film Script, Drama Short Script, Drama TV Pilot Script, Horror Feature Film Script, Horror Short Film Script, Horror TV Pilot Script, Sci-Fi Feature Film Script, Sci-Fi Short Film Script

Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest
What: Breaking Walls is the leading screenplay contest for writers in the thriller genre.
When: Event takes place on October 29; waiver is available for entry.
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: $400 in cash + other awards & prizes
Categories: Thriller Feature Screenplay

Script Pipeline First Look Project
What: The 6th Annual First Look Project fulfills the requests of major studios, production companies, and top managers by finding fresh, high-concept material across three main categories:
When: Deadline is October 15
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: Over $10,000 in cash prizes
Categories: Feature Screenplay: Comedy, Feature Screenplay: Drama, Feature Screenplay: Action/Adventure, Feature Screenplay: Horror/Thriller, Feature Screenplay: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Teleplay, Short Film

CrowdSource Studios Script Competition
What: CrowdSource Studios Script Competition was created by Hollywood pros to give screenwriters a REAL, FAIR opportunity to be discovered & have your work produced.
When: Late deadline is October 31
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: Winning script or pilot will be fast-tracked into pre-production.
Categories: Feature Script / Pilot, 1/2 Hour Pilot

ScreenCraft Action and Thriller
What: ScreenCraft is looking for action movies and carefully crafted thrillers. Whether it be a tense thriller or a big, effects-driven action film, ScreenCraft want to read your screenplay.
When: Deadline is October 11
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: $2000 in cash prizes + introductions to Hollywood pros
Categories: Action, Thriller
Judges: Michael Doven, United Pictures Group (Mission Impossible), Tanner Mobley (Rambo), Miles Chapman (Escape Plan), Ryan Wickers, Europacorp (Transporter), Jonathan Wu, 20th Century Fox (Prometheus).

Visionfest Screenwriting Competition
What: Started in 2004 as a sidebar entity of the New York based film festival, Visionfest: The Other Festival, the Visionfest Screenwriting Competition has grown to become its own little juggernaut for tomorrow’s visionaries… today.
When: Event takes place on October 28; waiver is available for entry.
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: $1000 cash prize + other prizes & awards
Categories: Feature Screenplay, Short Script

LS&B Comedy Writing Contest
What: We love comedy. There’s nothing like it for making you laugh. So make us laugh. We’re looking for comedy writers, with scripts that have a smile on every page! So, why not enter our Script Writing Contest? We’re accepting scripts of sit-com length and feature scripts and any type of comedy.
When: Earlybird deadline is October 31
Where: Everywhere
Prizes: Sictom winner will receive $1000 cash prize, with script being produced as a pilot/web episode + additional prizes for comedy feature and drama script.
Categories: Comedy Script: Sitcom, Comedy Script: Feature, Drama Script: Any Genre
Judges: Cory Bowles (Trailer Park Boys), Phil Nodding, former Screen Commissioner for Central England (Shameless).

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