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Questions About Vaping Pens – We Have The Answers

Whether you are new to vaping or an old pro, you probably still have a few questions

Vaping is increasing in popularity.

It’s often more affordable than purchasing cigarettes, a little safer for your health, and is legal in some public spaces.

You also have a variety of nicotine disposable vape products to choose from.

Whatever your flavor preference, chances are, you can find it in a vape pen.

As vape Australia products gain in popularity, so does the number of consumers with questions.

We’ll take a look at some of the commonly asked questions and the answers.


When Does a Disposable Vaping Stick Need Replacing

Disposable vaping devices are convenient, easy to use, and affordable.

When the liquid runs out or the battery stops working, it’s time for a replacement.

As for how long a nicotine disposable vape lasts, it varies by user.

Some can last for a couple of weeks while others need replacing after a few days.

A good way to judge is to consider how long it takes you to smoke a pack of cigarettes.

Most disposable vape sticks contain the same number of hits you get with a pack of cigarettes.

You will know when it’s time to toss the vaping pen when you get a taste of burnt cotton with your hit.

It signals the liquid is running low or completely out.

Are Dry Hits Common

So, what is a dry hit?

A dry hit occurs when you do not get the liquid’s flavor when you exhale.

The most common reason a dry hit occurs is when you inhale too quickly.

Your vaping pen is made up of three components.

The pod that holds the liquid, a battery, and a heating coil.

When you inhale the battery heats the coil which evaporates the liquid. As you exhale, you get a burst of flavor and a cloud of smoke.

Inhaling too quickly may not give the heating coil time to evaporate the liquid, resulting in a dry hit.

It can also occur when the vaping stick is out of fluid.


How to Prevent Dry Hits

If the vaping pen is out of fluid, your only solution is to purchase a new one.

However, when the fluid is running a little low you can prevent dry hits with a simple trick.

Placing the vape Australia upright allows the fluid to drain to the heating coil.

It’s also a helpful trick if you are in the habit of taking deep, fast hits.

While a dry hit isn’t hazardous to your health, it is unpleasant.

It can leave a bad taste in your mouth and potentially irritate your throat.


Which Vaping Pen is Right for Me

Deciding which disposable vaping product is right for you depends on a few factors.

Pick a flavor you like. You have plenty of options to choose from.

You also want to consider battery size. Larger batteries last longer.

It’s also a good idea to check the nicotine strength, it varies by product and manufacturer.

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